A Letter to Everyone…

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Dear Mr. President:

You recently asked suburban women to like you. I consider myself a suburban woman, although I’m now scared to death to live in a suburb and have elected to live where even the US Post Office can’t find me.

Here’s why this suburban woman doesn’t like you:

  1. You lie repeatedly.
  2. You bash your enemies and even decent people simply questioning your tactics, policies, and speeches.
  3. You brag about your accomplishments, even when they’re not your accomplishments.
  4. You claim you’re a Christian and yet, don’t seem to understand that humility, mercy and doing justice are the hallmarks by which God said we should live.
  5. I can’t, as a mother and grandmother, point to you as an aspirational figure to my children and grandchildren.
  6. You’re remodeling the government for your own political purposes.


Dear Former Vice President:

While I like your rhetoric far more than your opponent’s, your policies worry me. You have stated that you’re going to transition away from the production of oil and gas when I’m living in a state where many of my friends depend upon that industry for their livelihoods. And then, when you’re in one of those states, you flatly lie about what I heard with my own two ears.

If they have the temerity to save, invest and innovate and become your definition of wealthy, then you’re going to tax the tar out of them for simply pursuing the American dream. By raising taxes, spending money our government doesn’t have by simply printing more money, the once-almighty dollar is heading to “Pesos land” and that wealth won’t spread as far as it did a mere year ago.

I also have great concerns about your health. After watching my father’s decline with dementia, I see possible evidence that your mind is betraying you now. This means there’s a real possibility that your political ally, Nancy Pelosi, will enact legislation to take you out of office because of a lack of mental fitness by her proposed commission’s definition of such a finding.

If this happens, then Kamala Harris will be running our country. Her policies and alliances will probably promote socialist policies and programs. Since I have several chronic health conditions that often need immediate attention, I am frightened that I won’t be able to get necessary health care when I need it most. I watched my veteran parents struggle to get care under such a system—waiting 8 hours to pick up one prescription; spending 3 hours on the phone to get an appointment scheduled for 3 months later, and having to utilize private supplements to pay for more urgent care.

To boot, Ms. Harris doesn’t seem capable of a poker look on her face when interacting with the opposing party. This is supposed to convince me she can work with both sides of the aisle?

Sir? You picked the wrong time to run and you picked the wrong running mate.

Dear Third-Party Candidates:

None of you have espoused viewpoints that I can fully back, but I have now concluded, for the first time in my life, that the only way to fix the political divide in this country is for a viable 3rd party to emerge and force the Republicans and the Democrats to work together.

I have even more concerns about your ability to effectively run the country. I agree that our votes for you are only wasted if we keep saying a vote for you is a wasted vote. Thus, I hope you’re reading, “Running a Government for Dummies.”

Dear Congressmen/Congresswomen and Senators:

Even if you know your side isn’t going to win, your job is to show up and vote and work towards compromise. You’re also supposed to play fair and abide by the rules. You get an F- in my book for not doing that. When you bend the rules because they don’t favor you, I fear for the future of our country–it was set up to be fair to all. We often fail in being fair to all, but we aspire to it, just the same. You also get an F- for not showing up for a vote simply because you know your position isn’t going to prevail. This reminds me of kids who leave in the middle of a game or playtime just because they didn’t get their way. Frankly, your children and grandchildren probably behave better than you. When they disagree, they’re taught to make up with each other, forgive one another, and try to find a way to play nicely together. They even get graded on it in preschool and kindergarten.

The American people, your bosses, would really like you to study a great leader by the name of Bill Belichick, who leads by one simple principle: Do. Your. Job. If you can’t memorize that philosophy, your bosses will inevitably fire you for being on a power-hungry ego trip. You’re a public SERVANT! Consider reading, “Servanthood for Dummies.”

Dear Republican Party and Democratic Party:

Your incessant need for funding and insistence that politicians fundraise the entire time they’re in office is keeping our elected officials from effectively doing their job. I once promoted a nonprofit without using any money. Perhaps you should try it. I’m sure there’s a “Free Fundraising for Dummies” book somewhere.

Dear News Media Outlets:

While I’m glad we get to hear more news in the 21st century vs. the 20th century, you have now created a monster machine comprised of pundits and reporters who use adjectives more than facts. I used to like adjectives, but when they’re used to push one agenda or another, I have to abhor their use by you. Surely, as journalists, you took a class on Semantics and how one-sided reporting drove one country to murder 6,000,000 Jews. You don’t even hide your bias on your faces anymore…we’re not all doctors here in Voter-land, but we sure can diagnose rampant bias.

Write out your stories and then delete all adjectives until further notice. Also, tell your pundits to get another job. Use the air time they filled to report all the good people in America are doing. You may have trouble finding them, because they don’t demand attention for actually make the U.S. better, but then, that’s who investigative reporting is supposed to find.

Dear Pollsters:

When our country was founded, a candidate simply got up and spoke about his beliefs and ideas for solving our nation’s problems. Then, people went to the polls and voted. We found out what was the majority opinion by the ballot box.

Now, our candidates only voice opinions and ideas that have strong support from your incessant, annoying polls. This contributes to people in our country not voting, thinking that it’s already a “done deal” and that their vote doesn’t matter. While an errant belief, I get irritated when you think you need every opinion I hold near and dear to my heart.

Find a new job. Perhaps you can torment people by working for the IRS—they crunch numbers, too.

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg and Social Media Founders:

While I applaud your impressive efforts to get out the vote this year, which is obviously paying off, I have a couple of issues that you need to adequately address:

  1. You can’t ban one person’s opinions, posts, pictures, videos and tweets just because you don’t agree with their viewpoint and then allow the violent videos other groups post just because you believe in their cause. Play fair and allow dissent or ban all dissent.
  2. You’re making a fortune and your source for such a fortune is the money generated from US—how about alleviating some of the suffering you say you want to eradicate by ponying up to help nonprofits who actually change the world. Yes, you’ve improved this effort, but you could still spare some more change.


Dear Celebrities:

I realize that your current position in our society is a responsibility and sometimes even enslaves you. As such, I applaud that you are trying to use your status to bring attention to the injustices in our society. But, when you complain about who you think is the culprit for all of our ills, please remind yourself that you’re wealthy and have status because the hard-working folks of this country and the founding people of this country gave you a system that allows you to build wealth and influence thousands of people.

This means you need to do your research before speaking and look at ALL sides of the issues objectively. If you can’t do that, please do one of two things—just entertain us or move to another country.

Dear American People, aka “The Bosses”:

It’s your JOB, as a citizen, to vote. I realize this is a tough year to vote—You may have been laid off; you may have COVID, have lost a great person because of it, had your home or business or both destroyed by a riot, fire or hurricane. But the great thing is that you don’t have to be employed to vote. You don’t have to have a successful business. You don’t have to have a home. It’s FREE to vote.

And if you’re ill, there are ways to vote that protect you, your loved ones, and others. Seek those out.

Not much else is asked of you to live in one of the best countries in the world. That’s not a fading reality—it’s still a fact. How do I know this? People still want to live in this country versus their native land, where they already know the language and don’t have to pass a ridiculously hard citizenship test to vote there. The only other thing that’s really asked of all of us is to occasionally serve on a jury.

So, DO. YOUR. JOB. Register; download a sample ballot; visit the candidates’ political websites to see how their policies align or do not align with your beliefs; ignore blatantly biased commercials; plan, and then vote. If you’ve already done all of this, congratulations! Pat yourself on the back and give yourself full permission to complain about the idiocy of our government for the next 4 years.

Like I just did.


MaryAnn In Progress

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