The 12 Days of MIP: 12 & 11…

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I have always loved the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and once upon a time, our family used to gather around the kitchen table, draw numbers out of a bowl and sing the appropriate verse of this song as dictated by the number drawn. It was fun to see my tone-deaf hubby belt out, with great relish, “Five golden rings” in a truly disharmonious way and to see the lovely tones of my mother’s voice delayed because she was having too much fun listening to her 3 grandchildren sing their verses and forgot to sing her own verse!

You might have easily guessed that I have an affection for this song simply because that darn partridge often manages to infiltrate my blog posts. I don’t know exactly how that happens, but apparently, that partridge thinks there is bird seed somewhere near my laptop. Either that or a pear tree limb.

Since the end of January will be the 1 year anniversary of “birthing” this web site, I decided to take a look at the posts that seem to hold your attention the most. The results are interesting and not exactly what I thought they would be. Some are there for some really weird reasons, which will be discussed in January.

In the meantime I decided to bring back my 12 most favorite posts of the year that don’t appear in the “Top 12” most viewed posts (I promise to reveal those to you in January.). This gives you an opportunity to catch up on posts you may have missed and to re-read ones you also liked. If you don’t care to re-read them, I will understand–I know most of you are very busy in December. But I promise to tell you why each is a favorite of mine.

I will reveal two per post in reverse order, based on how popular they have been with you, so without further adieu, I present # 12:

A Real Scare…

Honestly, I didn’t know how this one would be received. It was pretty risky to even throw it out there, in my humble opinion, particularly since I had run on and on about Pinktober and contributing to breast cancer ad nauseam practically the entire month of October. It was also risky because many of my family members and close friends didn’t even know this was my reality until after I had the results of my 3rd mammogram in less than 6 months and posted the results in this piece.

Amazingly, two of my friends came “out of the closet” when this post went public and told me they had just been diagnosed with Stage II and they were telling me before they told a lot of people who, honestly, probably should have known before me. I am so proud of them both–they are fighting tooth and nail and I expect both of them to conquer this insidious disease. I am so honored that they chose to share something this personal with little old me. They are teaching me loads of things in the process–things that will probably help others one day should anyone else ever choose to confide in me.

So, if you care to see why this post meant something to them…and to me, click here.

Number 11:

20 Seconds of Courage…Why Not? 

I often miss “the point” of movies. My random mind often goes off in tangents that no one else’s does. When I first watched what could honestly be dubbed a “kids movie,” I thought it was quaint, but nothing special. Then, I saw it again on one of my own movie channels and new “messages” suddenly jumped out at me from this very quaint movie. The result? Putting a few of those messages together in a post that others chose to share with their Facebook friends. Occasionally, I am actually proud of my writing (Trust me–I seldom feel this way!) and this would be one of those rare times. Click here to read the “messages” one kids movie managed to send that random mind of mine.

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