Maizie’s Musings: I Went; They Left…


When the Mom person gets out my leash, I get very excited. The Mom person only gets out the leash if I’m going somewhere in that car thing. She did just that not too long ago and I could barely sit still as she opened the door and then let me get in the back seat of the car thing.

She didn’t open the big window in the roof of the car thing and that disappointed me. I like putting my head out that window and watching the world from a higher vantage point. The people in the other car things are always laughing and pointing their paws at our car thing as I do this. I don’t understand why.

She actually had the audacity to make me lay down on the back seat this time. What up with that? If I got up to look out the side windows, she made me lay down again and got angry if I didn’t! Doesn’t she know that I’m in charge?

I also get excited to see where we’re going in the car thing. This time I wasn’t so thrilled. It was that place where they make me ouch with a pointy thing that they poke into my body. So, I really didn’t want to walk beside the Mom person as she dragged me in there.

They stuck me again…TWICE! But the Mom person said I was a good girl because I didn’t run away or shake uncontrollably. The Mom person sure did talk a lot to the poking people. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough, but the Mom person had to spend time in her purse getting things for the nice people in the front of this God-forsaken place.

When we finally got in the car thing again, the Mom person was all happy. I couldn’t really understand why, but she kept saying that I had lost 11 “pounds.” I sure hope she wasn’t referring to that place where they keep the lost dogs. She even kept talking about it with the people who have been staying at my home lately. They seemed to be really happy about it, too.

I liked having them around my home because they let me out in my yard and brought me back inside whenever I wanted and they gave me the really good treats–the ones they keep in the middle part of that big silver box in the kitchen! I say “liked” because they left a few days ago and didn’t come back this time. The Mom and Dad person left at about the same time and while the Mom person came back, she forgot to bring the Dad person back with her! How can a human forget a person??? She seems to do that a lot.

She must not have a good rememberer.

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