July 2016 Book Club

For those of you who have been reading the recent MIP Book Club selections and reading my Wednesday posts this past spring, you may be thinking, “Man (or Woman!), it would be nice if my church or church group could learn some of this stuff!” If so, this next book is the “ticket.” Without further adieu, here is the July 2016 MIP Book Club Selection:

Be Still by Jane E. Vennard 

Cost: Kindle – $ 9.99/Paperback – $ 11.55

ISBN-10: 156699229X

ISBN-13: 978-1566992299

About the Author: Go here.

MIP Reading Plan:

Friday, July 1st & Saturday, July 2nd: Preface

Tuesday, July 5th & Wednesday, July 6th: Chapter 1

Thursday, July 7th & Friday, July 8th: Chapter 2

Saturday, July 9th & Monday, July 11th: Chapter 3

Tuesday, July 12th & Wednesday, July 13th: Chapter 4

Thursday, July 14th & Friday, July 15th: Chapter 5

Saturday, July 16th & Monday, July 18th: Chapter 6

Tuesday, July 19th & Wednesday, July 20th: Chapter 7

Thursday, July 21st: Appendices A & B

Friday, July 22nd: Slow Reader Friday Post & August 2016 MIP Book Club Selection