Word of the Week: bonnyclabber

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Happy Monday, Word Lovers! Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was inkhorn. The hubby said an inkhorn was an inkwell for a quill pen and he was right! I knew I married a smart man!

This week’s WOW is bonnyclabber. And yes, I do sometimes pick WOWs that are just too much fun to play around with and bonnyclabber certainly fits that description! My guesses are as follows:

bonnyclabber: (ˈbä-nē-ˌkla-bər) 1. the happy Scottish part of a bell that causes the bell to make a sound 2. what Outlander fans think of Jamie Fraser clobbering Black Jack Randall 3. a merry gathering of Scots, preferably of the Mitchell, Mathieson or Pollock clans. A close second would be a merry gathering of McKenzies and Frasers.

What’s your guess for bonnyclabber? Send your guess here.

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  1. September 29th, 2014 | Liesa says:

    I think I have heard about it on Food Network or something. I think its like sour cream, or some fermented dairy product. It definitely sounds Scottish as your guesses reflect.

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