Word of the Week: billingsgate

Book Club Update: I don’t think like Art Briles, but I wish I did. Ready for more of Beating Goliath!

Children of the Day Survey: In a few short weeks, we will be done with Beth Moore’s Children of the Day. If you are participating in this study, please go here to tell me what you would like to do next. It’s only 6 questions and they’re all multiple-choice. Thanks!

My Favorite Things! Last Friday I started a new feature on MIP. Go here to see it!

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The guessing by family members continues for Word of the Week. This week my father-in-law contributed what he thought froward might mean: A presumptious attitude or action. Putting yourself out in front. So, let’s see if Merriam-Webster Online agrees: habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition. Pretty darn close and if we added in connotations to the definition, I’ll be the the father-in-law is right. Did you guess correctly, too?

Today’s word is billingsgate. Here are my definition guesses for it:

billingsgate: (ˈbi-liŋz-ˌgāt) 1. a Washington, D. C. scandal that will develop in 2015 when a good percentage of Americans get their new Affordable Care Act bills 2. the entrance to bill Heaven 3. the conflict that erupt when two actors can’t decide who should be at the top of the marquee

What’s your definition for billingsgate? Go here to guess. Please outguess my family members!

Wednesday’s Post: Children of the Day Reflection!

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