As God’s Scribe: Ever…

“Be still, my children. I love you to the depths of the ocean and to the heights of Heaven. I love you in the morning and yes, I love you in the evening and in the afternoon until dusk reaches the dawn.

Tomorrow is not promised so make good use of today. Too many people do not think this way, even when there is ample evidence that this is true. You do not know the hour or time of my coming so do not waste time thinking about this for I have it well in hand and that is all that is needed.


Be Unworried about Today…


The time is coming, and coming soon, when I will bring you into my kingdom and that will be a glorious day of rejoicing in my realm. Be unworried about today because I have it well in hand and I am coming to meet you in a glorious way.

Are you ready to meet me? I am ready to meet you, the real you. Not the one the world sees. Not the one that hides the truth from those around you, but the one who is healing, the one who is forgiving, and forgiven.


Give to Me Your Worries…


Give to me your worries and wounds and I will heal you in the daytime and in the evening. I will heal you each day and heal you more each evening. I will heal your mind and your soul and your spirit. Forgive those who have hurt you just as I forgive you when you hurt them.

And you are forgiven. Nothing separates you from me–ever! I do not care what is going on in this world other than to reconcile all people to me. Be still, my children, be still. I am your Wonderful Counselor, your Prince of Peace.


Do Not Squelch the Holy Spirit…


And do not hinder the little children from coming to me. I am their father, too, the good father, who loves them without end. I want to be in their lives just as much as I want to be in yours.

Do not squelch the holy spirit within them. Let them come to me and come to me now. Train them, and teach them to love me and trust me as only you can. Yes, you. You are key to this process, just as others were key in you developing a relationship with me. Let the children come to me.”

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