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As most of you know, I tolerate other canines and that’s about it. I tolerate them. I like being Queen of the Domicile around here. Yes, that’s an official title. What do you mean you don’t believe me? I’m sure my tiara is around here somewhere. The mom person probably has hidden it…like she does with all of my treats.

Like it or not, my home occasionally gets invaded by other canines who think they also reign supreme. Recently, though, I’ve begun going to this dog paradise place with big water bowls, lots of trees and lots of interesting poop.

What? You don’t find poop interesting? What is wrong with you? You can’t tell anything about anybody unless you smell their poop. Geez. And I thought you humans were smart.

While there, the big black dog came with me and for once, we actually got along together. Yeah…it was a surprise to me, too. I grudgingly now refer to him as my friend. Howie

So much so that I actually was excited to see him at my home recently and tried to encourage him to play with me. He seemed surprised by this. I guess I have to have big trees and poop everywhere for him to understand what I want to do.

And I’m pretty okay with this little fat dog that looks like Scrappy Do. (She’s the one on the right.)Freya & BelleShe’s at least good for hiding my bones from the Mom person so that I get even more from her. And she lets me know when an inchworm is invading my personal space. One should never trust inchworms. She’s also handy for snatching birds right out of the air. She must have springs in those short legs of hers.

This one just barks her head off. I don’t really know why. Belle 2

She thinks she’s in charge, but she is handy for keeping the big black dog from nudging me incessantly with his annoying nose. She can also stand on her hind legs for hours on end and get a better perspective for where all those treats are hidden.

This little guy below is my fave. Why? Because he leaves me the heck alone. He is quiet and content to just sit in his mom person’s lap all the time. My kind of dog. Buddy

This last little lady is one that I have yet to meet, but my human decided that since he lives so far away from me now, he’d like a clone of me. ScoutI don’t think she looks particularly like me (so, she’s a rather poor clone, if you ask me) and I hear she likes to chew on my human’s shoelaces, but I guess she’ll be an all right canine pal once my human fully trains her.

They all have something in common with each other and maybe that’s why they tolerate each other better than I tolerate them. They are all “rescue” and “stray dogs,” whatever that means.

The mom person says that a lot of dogs need human homes just like all of the dogs above. She says there’s a “Clear the Shelter” day coming tomorrow all over the nation so that humans can take home more of these dogs. She even says you can take home one of those feline creatures, too. Although why anyone would want one of those sneaky, fang-infested things is beyond me.

The mom person says that these shelter places are even waiving adoption fees tomorrow so that you can take your new pet home for a lot less money…until you buy chew toys for them, of course. So, maybe visit one of these shelters and let a dog or cat adopt you??? Here is a link to find the shelter places that are participating tomorrow:


All I ask is that you don’t bring them to my house. We ARE a shelter, as far as I’m concerned.

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