April 2015 Book Club

I am very excited to read the April 2015 MIP Book Club Selection. Most books these days have a quote from some VIP. This book? It has three, not to mention 11 others from folks just raving about it! Here’s April’s selection:

Speak by Nish Weiseth

Go here for all the details needed to get your copy of this book.

MIP Reading Plan:

Wednesday, April 1st: Foreword

Thursday, April 2nd: Introduction

Friday, April 3rd & Saturday, April 4th: Chapter 1

Monday, April 6th & Tuesday, April 7th: Chapter 2

Wednesday, April 8th & Thursday, April 9th: Chapter 3

Friday, April 10th & Saturday, April 11th: Chapter 4

Monday, April 13th & Tuesday, April 14th: Chapter 5

Wednesday, April 15th & Thursday, April 16th: Chapter 6

Friday, April 17th & Saturday, April 18th: Chapter 7

Monday, April 20th & Tuesday, April 21st: Chapter 8

Wednesday, April 22nd: Thank You

Thursday, April 23rd: Organizations That Are Advocating for Justice

Friday, April, 24th: Slow Reader Friday Post & May 2015 MIP Book Club Selection Announcement