26 Tuesday: Josephine Gay


Last week’s Sandy Hook honoree was Olivia Engel. With the previous honorees, I had no difficulty thinking of something that I could do to honor each of them. But, Olivia was so involved in the short time she was on the planet, that it was difficult to choose how I could do something on her behalf. But, Olivia was “into” soccer and since all 3 of my kids were soccer players and we have quite an active soccer association in our little town, I decided to try to locate the current President of this association and send him a donation that would allow a child to play soccer for one season “on me.”  I remember that paying for 3 registration fees, 3 sets of shin guards, and soccer fund raisers used to be a rather large expense. And since we are still recovering from a recession, I’m sure there are some talented young athletes whose parents just can’t afford that fee anymore. And for those of you still doing the “soccer chauffeur runs,” don’t forget your folding chair, the water bottle, your warm blanket, and a loud, happily-cheering voice!

So, our 26 Acts of Kindness MIP count stands at 11! And here is a little bit about today’s honoree:

Josephine Gay, 7

Josephine had just celebrated her seventh birthday Tuesday (before the Sandy Hook shooting). There’s a picture of her on the Web, published in various news stories, that shows her smiling with glasses on the tip of her nose. Josephine liked to ride her bike and sell lemonade in her neighborhood in the summer, The Wall Street Journal reported. The little girl loved the color purple.

What did you do for your Act of Kindness? Remember–it’s okay to simply say you participated, but it’s also okay to elaborate if you’d like.

Tomorrow’s Post: We’re now fighting meteors…with a Death Star?

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  1. February 26th, 2013 | Tawnya Doggett says:

    Maryann…funny you said you had difficulty with deciding on your act of kindness to honor Olivia, because that is exactly how I was going to describe this past week. But I did decide on something and it involved an autistic child in another state. Getting pretty creative, which is exactly how I think each one of the Angels would want it. For Little Miss Josephine…well I already know what I’m doing to honor her memory. Easy Week! Somebody is getting a new pair of glasses. Maybe 2 people this week! Loving Being Kind 🙂

  2. February 26th, 2013 | maryann says:

    Glad to know it wasn’t just me trying to figure out how to honor Olivia! But, I love that you helped someone in another state (Wow!) and that you chose to help an autistic child. Since I have a child who may be on the “autism spectrum,” that makes my heart go pitter-pat!

    I agree…I think our Sandy Hook folks would want us to be creative, think about how we can impact as many folks as possible, and reach those who might never be given a second thought.

    I am loving it, too, Tawnya. And there have been way more benefits for me than what I first envisioned. And to me, that’s just a side benefit!


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