It’s Time to Part Ways…

Once upon a time, there was a young family–a husband, a wife, their son, and their daughter. They didn’t have much money, but they needed a big home in a beautiful, small town. When they looked for such a home that they could afford, the homes were either too small or cost too much money. So, they decided to build what they needed with a very small amount of money.

People came to help them: a banker to give them a loan, a builder to make sure the home looked the way the family wanted, a painter to make the walls look pretty, and many, many other people. It took a pretty long time to build the home because it started raining and just kept on raining until finally, the home was ready for them to use.

There were four bedrooms to use. The daughter picked a bedroom that had a beautiful arched window and high ceilings. The son picked a bedroom that overlooked the next-door neighbor’s home. The husband and wife picked a bedroom near the kitchen. The remaining bedroom was for people who wanted to come and visit the family in the new home.

Soon they were celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and holidays and parties in the home. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins came to see them there. The husband made one large room his office. He put all kinds of papers in the big filing cabinets there.

The wife began to decorate every inch of the home and soon, toys were everywhere so that the son and daughter could play with them. The husband built a two-towered wooden fort for his son, who proclaimed that one tower was “Boys ONLY!” The daughter ignored her big brother and just slid down the slide of the other tower.

One night while the family was eating dinner overlooking that fort, there were four equal-sized presents on each of their plates. The wife said, “All I ask is that you open them all at once.” So, the husband, the son, and the daughter did just that. Inside each present was a baby bottle.

The son guessed what it meant right away, “You’re having another baby.” And the wife nodded, with a big smile on her face. The daughter said, “Yay!” and started jumping up and down. The husband couldn’t say a word because his mouth was wide open in surprise.

It wasn’t very long before they brought that new baby home and to the son’s delight, it was another son! Soon, he was celebrating birthdays with the rest of the family. His big brother moved to the bedroom for guests and he moved into his big brother’s old room.

As the days wore on, the kids grew up. One became an athlete. One became a dancer. And the littlest son became a drummer. They brought their friends over to play games at their home and to eat snacks. The home was great for that since it was not very far away from their schools.

And the final two family members arrived as they grew up: two smart dogs who knew how to write their own stories.

When the athlete, the dancer, and the drummer grew up and left home, the wife realized something. The husband didn’t really need all that paper anymore in the office filing cabinets. Those toys weren’t needed since the children were all grown. The wife had way too many decorated items to dust and the children had left a lot of their belongings behind. They had outgrown them in one way or another.

It was time to part ways with their beloved family home. It was hard to give up their wonderful home. Many tears were shed because many memories were held within those home walls.

So, the wife decided to start praying. She prayed that a new, young family would move into the home and make new family memories of their own within those walls so that the home could live on and be useful to them.

And with that, the husband and the wife put their home up for sale, even though it was still quite difficult to give up their home. They began moving things out of the home, one box at a time. Even some of the furniture and those decorations moved away to a new place.

And the wife kept praying for the new family–that they would soon find their home.

Want to be the new family? Here’s your chance:


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  1. September 26th, 2020 | Liesa, Sr. says:

    Always LOVE your writings, and this one ranks as one of the best! I have been praying very much as you have been and continue to ask the Lord to send the folks of His choice to be in that lovely home. It is so hard to know we will not enjoy it again! BUT we are thankful for all the great times there.

  2. June 23rd, 2022 | maryann says:

    Sorry I am just now seeing your comment. Thank you for the kind words. I still miss that old homestead, too. And a great family has moved in and are putting their own stamp on it now!

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