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Last week’s 26 Tuesdays honoree was Noah Pozner. Noah had a great heart, according to those who knew him. This is about all we know of Noah and so, I wondered how I was going to do something that would involve just caring and having a great heart. Thankfully, my answer was given to me quite easily and randomly.

As I was returning home one day, I noticed a lawn care and landscaping truck and trailer turning and going up the street where I live. As they turned, they lost a gas can off the back of the low trailer. They started to increase speed to go up the hill and I realized they had no idea they had lost one of their gas cans. How was I going to flag them down, since I was quite far behind them? I honked my car horn several times in rapid succession and they finally stopped further up the hill, quite obviously surprised by my honking.

I stopped my car near the gas can and hopped out to get it. It was pretty full of gas, so I was glad that I had honked my horn–they most likely were going to need the gas in the can for the rest of their work that day. Two men slowly got out of the truck and then realized why I had honked as I made my way up the hill with their gas can. They walked faster, going to meet me in the road. I apologized for honking so much and handed them the can. The man taking the can thanked me.

I like to think that Noah looked down from Heaven and knew I needed some help with my act of kindness this week and just gave that gas can a little nudge off the back of that trailer. I’m probably wrong about that, but it’s how I like to think about it. And when the men got their gas can back, he smiled up there somewhere. Particularly, since the gentlemen in the truck didn’t appear to be able to speak a lot of English. Acts of kindness seldom need mutual language comprehension. They just need to be done.

That means that our MIP Acts of Kindness stand at 60 today. How did you honor Noah this week? Please submit a comment below letting me know that you participated!

This week we honor Caroline Previdi. Like Noah, not much is reported about Caroline’s likes and dislikes, but here’s what CNN said about her:

Caroline Previdi, 6
“You were a sweet little girl and you will be missed.” That’s the message that Caroline’s aunt reportedly tweeted, saying goodbye to her niece, according to the online version of the Press-Telegram in Long Beach, California. “It hurts even more to see a familiar name on that list,” the report said Paige Tremblay also tweeted. A Facebook page called “RIP Caroline Previdi — Sandy Hook Massacre Victim” contains dozens of messages. One reads: “Rest in Peace, sweetheart. I know for sure that God is with you and all the other sweet little angels. I feel so very sorry for all these families who lost their precious kids, my heart goes out to all of you.”‘


Tomorrow’s Post: The last College Freshman Orientation…

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  1. July 20th, 2013 | Lindsey Crawford says:

    The little guy, Noah, who was a Sandy Hook victim, touched my heart especially deeply… probably because I have a son named Noah. I had not yet read your account of “saving the gas can” yesterday when I noticed four obviously over-heated lawn care workers sitting in the shade at the side of the street across from my home. I asked, “Do you need some cold water?” They all nodded, so I went inside and got four bottles of water. When I handed them out, each man thanked me, and just to make conversations, I asked a couple of questions. At that point, I realized that, just like the lawn care men whose gas can you rescued, these men spoke very little English. Ah, but those random acts of kindness “sound” the same in every language 😉

  2. July 20th, 2013 | maryann says:

    I so agree! I am humbled that my little gas can retrieval inspired your act of kindness. Acts of kindness may be the one of the few times that no translation is necessary! 🙂

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