February 2016 Book Club

I am so excited for you to read the February 2016 MIP Book Selection! It’s a huge favorite of mine. Here’s are all the details:

Soul Feast by Marjorie J. Thompson

About the Author:

Marjorie J. Thompson is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. She has served as director of the Pathways Center for Spiritual Leadership and as spiritual director to Companions in Christ, a program outgrowth of the Pathways initiative of Upper Room Ministries. Companions in Christ is a small group resource for spiritual formation in local congregations, suited to ecumenical use. Marjorie has exercised a ministry of teaching, writing and spiritual guidance for many years. (MaryAnn’s Note: We are studying Companions in Christ at my local church on Tuesday mornings and are currently studying prayer practices.)

Kindle Version: $ 2.99; Paperback Version: 17.00

ISBN-10: 0664239242

ISBN-13: 978-066423924

MIP Reading Plan:

Monday, February 1st: New Foreword

Tuesday, February 2nd: Foreword

Wednesday, February 3rd: Introduction

Thursday, February 4th: Chapter 1

Friday, February 5th: Chapter 2

Saturday, February 6th: Chapter 3

Monday, February 8th: Chapter 4

Tuesday, February 9th: Chapter 5

Wednesday, February 10th: Chapter 6

Thursday, February 11th: Chapter 7

Friday, February 12th: Chapter 8

Saturday, February 13th: Chapter 9

Monday, February 15th: Chapter 10

Friday, February, 19th: Slow Reader Friday Post and March 2016 MIP Book Selection