As God’s Scribe: I Am in the Suffering…

“Believe in me for I have spoken truth to you. I always do. To disregard my truth is to disregard me, for I am truth. Do not be dismayed when things do not go your way for, I have a plan for you, a plan you cannot imagine at this time.

Be steady in your faith in me for I am the Lord, your God, who commands the seas and the lakes and the rain and the drought. I can do no evil, but I can allow it because that may help you draw near to me and hear from me in fresh ways.

Not the Worldly Vision of Happiness…


I am in the suffering as much as I am in the joy. I am not the worldly vision of happiness; I am pure joy from here to infinite eternity. Rest in me and learn from me, for my ways are eternal–everlasting.

The days will come when this sinful world will end. You can be assured this is true,” thus says the Lord.

My Counsel is Simple…


“Believe in me for all eternity for I will save you when this world ends for you. Believe in me for my counsel is simple and meant to spare you undue hurt and hardship.

The day is coming when you will need to trust me with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your might. Do you not see it? Believe in me and study my words so that you may be ready on the day of judgment that is to come soon.

Just Follow My Voice…


Do you not perceive it? Do you not realize it? Think on me so that I may impart truth to you all the days of your life. Believe in me; believe in me. Think on these things; ponder them greatly, for my ways are easy.

Why do you make them so complex? Just follow my voice, my teachings, and you will have peace the rest of your life. Do this, too, in remembrance of me.”

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