26 Tuesday: Rachel D’Avino

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Last week’s Sandy Hook honoree was Daniel Barden, who liked drums. Since I live with two percussionists, the LSH and I went to our local music store and searched the extensive offerings of drumsticks for a few sets that would help out our local church. (We have a contemporary service each Sunday.) When the owner of the store learned that we were giving the drumsticks to our church, he not only gave us a discount, but he also gave us a free set of drumsticks! What a generous man!  I felt like we were the ones receiving the act of kindness!

A relative of ours said he gave a larger than usual tip to his server at his local restaurant as his act of kindness this past week, so the MIP 26 Acts of Kindness stands at 7 and we are only two weeks into this little “campaign.” What did you do for your act or acts of kindness this week? (And yes, it’s okay to just say you completed an act or acts of kindness.)

Today’s honoree is one of the staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary and in light of the holiday we will be celebrating this coming Thursday, it is truly sad to read about Rachel D’Avino. But, I hope her example will become an example to us all and that we will make sure she did not die in vain:

Rachel D’Avino, 29

She likely didn’t know it when she died, but her best friend was about to propose. He had recently asked Rachel’s parents for permission, and he was planning to ask for her hand in marriage on Christmas Eve. That and other details about Rachel’s life were described in an obituary posted on the website of Munson-Lovetere Funeral Homes of Connecticut. “Her presence and tremendous smile brightened any room she entered,” it read. Born in Waterbury, Rachel received her undergraduate degree from the University of Hartford and her Masters from Post University. She was working toward her Doctorate at the University of St. Joseph of Hartford. Rachel loved karate, cooking, animals, photography and her two younger siblings. “Her passion, however, was her occupation as a behavioral therapist working with children within the autism spectrum,” the obituary read.


There is much in this description that I can “hang my hat on” as I think about what to do to honor Rachel. As a recent master’s graduate, I know her time was limited and so doing something for our local university or University students seems to make sense. My youngest is a purple belt in karate and so, this prompts me to think about what karate students might need. We have more stuffed animals than we probably need at our house, so I also wonder if those should make their way to a children’s charity. And two of my family members are great amateur photographers, making me want to do something along those lines, as well. One of our sons has a learning disorder that now may be linked to the autism spectrum disorders.

And then, there is the whole engagement thing. Having just witnessed the marriage of the DD and DSL this year, it makes me want to do something for all the engaged couples out there, who probably are finding their budgets a tad stretched at the moment. This is particularly true with it being Valentine’s Day Week.

What strikes you as something you have in common with Rachel? Let’s all show a little love for Rachel this week (and for her best friend who wanted to marry her) by doing something wonderful in her name. I look forward to hearing your stories about your acts of kindness very soon.

Tomorrow’s Post: Ever been to Wal-Mart right before Valentine’s Day?


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  1. February 12th, 2013 | Tawnya Doggett says:

    Count me in as another one completed for Daniel. Amazing what kind of happiness you can find in the park among the little children. That’s where the good deed to honor Daniel’s memory took place.

  2. February 12th, 2013 | maryann says:

    It sounds like you had fun doing your act of kindness this week, Tawnya! It makes me wish I’d been there to join in! Thanks for sharing!

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