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Merriam-Webster Online (http://www.m-w.com) has a plethora (You’re welcome, DD.) of fun information regarding the English language. I hope to learn some new words this year and incorporate at least a few of them into these posts. We all have to “absorb” new words as we grow and adapt to an ever-changing world.

Thus, I periodically look up M-W’s Word of the Day. And fanfaronade just sounded fun. So, without  looking it up in a dictionary of some sort (Yes, that includes online dictionaries!), what do you think fanfaronade means? If you’re as clueless as I about fanfaronade, then simply guess by putting your definition in the comment box below and submitting it. You will be in good company, because I plan to offer up my guess, too. Next Monday I will tell you the real definition from Merriam-Webster. Here’s my definition:

fanfaronade: 1. the hoopla that accompanies a parade. 2. the brash serenade of a suitor outside a lovely girl’s window. 3. the resulting celebration of MaryAnn launching a blog site. (Sorry…couldn’t resist.)

Any better ideas??? Thanks, in advance, for having a little fun with the English language. I look forward to your “definitions.”




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  1. January 28th, 2013 | Doug Givan says:

    Wow-you write/sound just like I remember some, dare I say, 35 years ago??? Outch…

    My definition:
    The $20 item you buy at a State Fair booth for the August heat…..

    The notes some church choir members can hit…

    Those “floaties” left in hot dog water…

    The name of a prescription to help with consistent hangovers….

  2. January 28th, 2013 | maryann says:

    Doug: And you sound like the same Chatham Walk Doug I remember, too…with these definitions. Are we SURE you’re a minister with the last definition??? lol
    Kris: Love the last definition and “fanfarish.” Your uncle says I need to put pronunciations for these, too. So, I promise to do so next week.

  3. January 28th, 2013 | Kristen says:

    I’ll bite–Fanfaronade: (1) n. A serenade performed in a fanfarish manner. (2) v. The act of serenading in a fanfarish manner. (3) n. A salad dressing with olives and balsamic vinegar named by Olive Garden as part of an upcoming promotion.

  4. January 28th, 2013 | Liesa says:

    I must be your daughter or something because we’re on the same page. Perhaps it is the fanfare played at a coronation? Whatever it is, it sounds like fun and is clearly not a part of a grad. student’s repetoire…

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