Log Rhythms: Canton-bury Tales…

Canton First Monday overhead view

All of what you see is one big flea market! Yes, all of it.

Ever since I moved to Texas in the early ’90s, I’ve heard of a small town in east Texas that is spoken of in awed and hushed tones by my gal pals: Canton.

What’s is so speacial about Canton? First Monday Trade Days.

What is First Monday Trade Days? (Yes, it’s singular. It’s Texas. Texans are proud of things that don’t make sense anywhere else in the country.)

It’s a flea market to end all flea markets. It’s open just once a month for the four days preceding the first Monday of each month. There are over 100 acres of stuff. Yes, 100 acres of stuff. You name it–it’s probably in Canton each month.

There are a staggering number of massive buildings and outdoor shelters where vendors have permanent booths, but there are also an equally massive number of open spaces where people can simply pick a booth space and offer their wares whenever they wish.

I’m about to reveal a deep, dark secret. It’s shameful. I’ve lived in Texas for over 24 years and I’ve never been to Canton. (I just lost some gal pal friendships. Not. Kidding.)

A flea market can be a gold mine for log cabin furnishings, especially when you’re trying to furnish it on a budget. Newsflash! We are NOT the Rockefellers. And…

Canton is close to where we are building the cabin. (For my Yankee friends: Anything less than a 3 hour drive in Texas is “close.” Particularly when some speed limits are 80 mph.)

Thus, I’m about to lose my Canton virginity. The hubby and I are going to Canton this weekend. Cue all the First Monday tips and advice from my more seasoned Canton-going girlfriends and their spouses who are all shaking their heads.

In an effort to “chart a general path” for navigating this behemoth, I’ve also been researching web sites dedicated to First Monday Trade Days. Guess what?

There are almost as many web sites about First Monday Trade Days as there are pavilions and booth spaces. In fact each time just about each time I mention the town or the flea market in this post, I’ve linked to another site. And there are even sites for specific areas of the flea market. It’s a little confusing, to say the least.

To make matters more interesting, we’re going to Canton during the worst heat of the summer. I’ve already taken note of the warnings to apply sunscreen regularly and to drink a lot of water.

Unfortunately, if I think I’m going to avoid heat stroke by eating healthy, that’s probably not going to happen. Most people take a First Monday vacation from their normal diets. I have a feeling I’m going to be exercising a LOT next week because of said vacation.

Unless 100 acres of walking will counteract this bad behavior.

When one of the huge mainstay businesses of First Monday Trade Days is scooter rentals (like the kind your elders resort to when the legs no longer function properly), you know it’s important to wear comfy clothes and bring your best sneakers. Do pajama pants count? Oh. Those may be too warm for Texas in July.

Another tip from the massive number of web sites? If you see it and like it, buy it. If you hope to come back to buy it later, it may be gone and you may not remember where you saw it. Only one problem: No one ever tells you what is “it.” I guess that’s in the eye of the beholder.

I’m thinking having my Care Flite membership current is important for this little foray. So, paramedics? Warm up the chopper–I may need resuscitation. I’m going. in.

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