Maizie’s Musings: New Water Bowl!

It’s been a long time since I played in the Big Water Bowl. Honestly, I had begun to wonder if I had done something wrong while there the last time. When the Mom person leaves with those ominous suitcases and bags, she gets angry if I hop in the back of the thing with the  round legs.

But, today I got to go with her and the Dad person both! And when I was whimpering, as usual, once we got inside the green metal gates, I noticed that there was a NEW big water bowl. I say, big only because my regular water bowls are very small by comparison.

However, this is a bit of a misnomer (Yes, I know the word misnomer, because I live with very brainy people.) since this big water bowl is much smaller than the old big water bowl. The new water bowl is in front of the gray house with the big back porch (great for naps on a warm afternoon, by the way) instead of near the big back porch.

And the water in the new bowl is also different. It’s my color! The old water bowl has water the same color as the winged invader homes. (Yes, I can differentiate colors, too.)

The Mom person finally let me try the yellow water bowl. Conclusion? It still cools me off like the other one, but I don’t like the taste of the yellow water bowl nearly as much as the bigger one.

That’s enough blogging for today…a big back porch desperately needs me to inspect the new outdoor carpeting there…with my eyes closed.

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