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If you followed my posts on FB prior to the start of MIP, then you know that I have been a long-time supporter of Keurig machines. I confess that I’m pretty picky about my coffee in the morning–it can’t be too strong or too weak; I prefer Hazelnut coffee to all other flavored versions; and any syrup or creamer additives can’t taste “cheap.” That last part is a standard offering at most fast food establishments and convenience stores, unfortunately.

Until the Keurig machine I couldn’t find a cheaper alternative to my favorite coffee place: Starbucks. The hubby calls Starbucks “Starcrooks” due to the excessive amount of money charged for a Hazelnut latte and I tend to agree with him. Thus, about the only time I allow myself this luxury is when my darling family gives me gift cards for my “hallowed” coffee shop.

That is, until I discovered Keurig machines.  And I happened upon them unexpectedly. In fact it was an accident. It was probably around 2007, but it may have been sooner, honestly!

I attended a training at a Regis office in Austin for my job. While there I noticed that one could make a single cup of a hot beverage–whatever one wanted–hot tea, hot chocolate and a pile of different coffees, from the plain version to a carmel macchiato to my vaunted Hazelnut lattes.

I was skeptical. I was sure it was going to taste “cheap.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. And to boot, the machine made it quickly. I became obsessed with this little invention.

Upon arriving back home, I began investigating and our favorite local store for bridal registries carried Keurig machines. They weren’t cheap and at the time, you had to add water each and every time you made a cup of something. But since regular coffee pots that cost much less kept falling apart quickly at our house, the hubby finally consented to getting the cheapest version, which, at the time, cost $ 99. To get some of the types of coffee I wanted, I had to go online to keurig.com to get K-cups. But before long, I noticed K-cups in Walmart, our regional grocery chain, H-E-B, and even, Lowe’s. In fact Lowe’s often carried them at the lowest price.

Shortly after that these stores also began offering the machines themselves. And it wasn’t long until Keurig invented a machine with a water reservoir similar to a regular coffee brewer. Of course, these versions are even pricier, but I like the convenience. The newest version? One that can brew an entire pot of your favorite coffee.

How much of a necessity is this little wonder now? When the hubby’s entire clan gathered at two vacation homes in the Rockies this summer, only one had a Keurig. Thus, we lugged ours to the other home so that both sets of occupants could enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning. The most popular flavor? Cinnabon coffee! You never know what you’re going to like, K-cup-wise, until you try it. And storing additional K-cups for 24 people for a week is an interesting process!

So, here’s the bottom line if you are the last person in America who doesn’t have one:

1. Comparison shop–Cheaper pricing abounds now!

2. Several different versions of machines are available with different sized cartridges. K-cups are still the most popular, but they are not interchangeable between types of machines.

3. Save your pennies for at least the reservoir version–the convenience is worth the expense.

4. Most machines come with a filter cartridge that allows you to use loose coffee so that you don’t have to have K-cups. This is cheaper. If it doesn’t come with one, purchase it separately.

5. To start, get a variety pack of K-cups from keurig.com so you can find what you like without having to buy an entire box of some flavor you dislike.

6. Keurig.com has a frequent buyer’s club for those who can’t find K-cups at a local store.

7. Use only distilled water for your Keurig. I learned this the “hard” way with my first 2 single-cup versions. I even tried the filtered refridge water and still had issues. My recommendation is to get a gallon of distilled water at your local grocery store for less than $ 1/gallon. You’ll be glad you did!

8. Comparison shop on K-cups, too. Prices vary widely.

One last advantage of a Keurig? I don’t have to get dressed to enjoy a good cup of coffee anymore. I’m sure that would make Starbucks cringe, except even they now offer K-cups. 🙂

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