Word of the Week: carminative

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Last week’s Word of the Week was fuliginous. According to Merriam-Webster online fuliginous means sooty or obscure and murky. It could also mean having a dark or musky color. I think all those definitions probably symbolize the murky nature of my mind while attempting to guess at the definition for fuliginous.

Today’s word is carminative. Here’s my fuliginous definition guesses for carminative:

carminative: (kär-ˈmi-nə-tiv) 1. the matchbox cars my son left on the living room for me to stub my bare foot on at night (But they were all perfectly parked, so at least he was organized about injuring his mother???) 2. Anything related to the opera “Carmen” 3. anything related to a boxcar on a train (Sorry…I can’t make this humorous no matter how hard I try…it’s Monday…give me a break.)

What’s your guess? Submit it here!

Tomorrow’s Post: What did you do for your act of kindness this week?

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