Word of the Week: recondite

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Now, onward to actually talk about WOW (Word of the Week)! Last week’s WOW was collimate. Merriam-Webster says that collimate is to make (as light rays) parallel. I haven’t figured out how to make light rays collimate. Have you? Remind me to ask for that as my superpower the next time my fairy godmother is in town.

Today’s WOW is recondite. Here are my guesses for recondite:

recondite: (ˈre-kən-ˌdīt, ri-ˈkän-) 1. a date between two British spies 2. a person who regularly uses and misspells the word “reckon” 3. an expert at reconditioning anything and everything

Do you know what recondite means? Think you know what it means? Go here to let me know!

Wednesday’s Post: Children of the Day Post # 1!

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  1. August 25th, 2014 | Liesa says:

    If it’s a verb, the hubby and I think it means to out under surveillance. If it’s an adjective we think it means something that is observing or being observed. 🙂

  2. August 26th, 2014 | maryann says:

    When copying and pasting Merriam-Webster’s pronunciation of recondite, I noted that M-W.com said it was an intransitive verb. I try NOT to look at the definition when I do that, so we will see if you two are right! It makes sense because of the first two syllables, “recon”! 🙂

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