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As of last Wednesday at Solitude

You are invited! On Saturday, June 4th, 2016 we will have a log-raising event at our lakeside lot in eastern Texas. If you are interested in watching the logs go up, please go here to let me know of your interest and I’ll email you details.

In the last Log Rhythms post I wrote about our process to determine who would supply the logs for our lakeside cabin. I named the “finalists” by letters in an effort to “be kind” to suppliers who didn’t meet our requirements and needs.

After visiting all of the mills for these 7 suppliers, we came down to two choices: Supplier E and Supplier F. Here were the basic differences between the two:

Supplier E was significantly cheaper and specialized in square cut logs (which is what we hoped to use.) They build traditionally, meaning that one has to give serious thought to where pipes and wiring needs to go so that the logs are drilled accurately for these necessary items. It would take them longer to get us logs because they are an Amish operation. They had great contacts for log home builders and an on-site structural engineer who was very helpful. They don’t usually use northern white cedar logs, but were willing to get them for us.

Supplier F was more expensive and specializes in round logs. They built with an efficient, modern construction method called the “energy envelope” system. This system allows a homeowner to put wiring and plumbing wherever and whenever he or she wants it. This system also makes it easy to access when such systems need repair. It adds more insulation value as well. They specialize in northern white cedar logs. They could truck us logs very quickly.

We really liked the energy envelope system. We felt it allowed us to do finish work on the interior of the house a lot more easily and that’s a significant cost advantage. However, it wasn’t enough to offset the cost difference from Supplier E.

Supplier F kept asking questions about whether or not Supplier E was giving us accurate cost information, so we questioned Supplier E about this repeatedly. Supplier E kept insisting that their numbers and materials were right.

So, sadly, we had to give up on Supplier F and their energy envelope system. We gave a deposit to Supplier E to get the final drawings done.

That means I should now tell you who Supplier E is, right? Wrong.

When we were finalizing costs for some last minute changes we asked this supplier to add, suddenly there was no communication. This was odd, because they had been very quick in responding in the past–it was one of their selling points for us.

Finally, the hubby called them and found out why we hadn’t heard anything–they had given us the wrong numbers and now their bid was significantly higher than Supplier F!

Since our budget is already tight on this build, this was very disheartening. We weren’t completely sure we could afford Supplier F at this point. Should we wait to build until next year when we had more savings?

Finally, after much thought and discussion and budget-cutting at home, we made the call to Supplier F, apologized for not believing their numbers as accurate and reasonable for their product quality, and asked if they would still work with us. They graciously, without hesitation, accepted the apology and have been a real joy to work with ever since. Who is Supplier F?

(Drum roll, please….)

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes of Oakfield, Maine.

Yes, our logs came all the way from northern Maine (Let’s just put it this way–when in Oakfield, you see a lot of Canadian license plates.). I say, came, because as of Monday, the logs, windows and doors are at our lot!

Our Katahdin Cedar Log Home Arriving At the Reserve!

Our Katahdin Cedar Log Home Arriving At the Reserve!

The builder (a recommendation of Supplier E) is on site and has begun the work for the crawl space and foundation work.

We have been a busy bee hive around our household finding suppliers for metal roofs, stone fireplaces and concrete. The hubby is rather sore from spending his weekends working on assisting where he can. I don’t even want to tell you how many internet pages I have bookmarked for cabinets, drawer pulls, faucets, sinks, stone, fireplaces, and concrete suppliers. Our heads are spinning, but we are deliriously happy!

Now, if we can only get Mother Nature to quit sending multi-inch rains every other day to Montalba, life would be good, but our Kentucky builder seems undaunted by this and we are on schedule to have our log-raising on Saturday, June 4th. Come and join us–it’s not every day you see Maine cedar logs going up in Texas!

To learn more about the energy envelope system and Katahdin’s interest in building ADA-compliant log homes, go here and here respectively.

Note: Log Rhythms is about to be a weekly feature here on MaryAnn In Progress! Watch for the next post on Wednesday, June 1st–3 days before the log-raising! 

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