As God’s Scribe: Simple Stillness…

“I am the Lord God of Israel. I will be praised among the nations, but I have great fondness for my people, Israel. Unfortunately, they do not seek me as they should, but worship only me. I want them to worship my son, Jesus, for he is their true Messiah.

The Israelites try my patience most days even though I have given them the land of milk and honey yet again. They war with their neighbors, yet I require peace in their hearts and minds. When will they learn this? How many times must I remind them of history?

Acknowledge My Son


They have, thankfully, stopped wishing for a tyrant king, but they still have a long way to go to worship me as they should. I will not tolerate this much longer, O, Israel!

Be not afraid of my love for you, Israel. Come back to me, Israel, and I will come back to you. My Holy Spirit longs to dwell in your hearts, to make your paths straight, but you must acknowledge my Son for that to happen.

The Reason for Your Torah


Why are you so afraid of him? He is my beloved son, just as you are my chosen people for all time. Do not be troubled by the ways of this world, for I will not vanquish you from this planet, ever. My desire is to be your Father, your beloved Father, but you must acknowledge my teachings, my prophecies.

How long will you read the Torah and not realize that much of it belongs to my Son? He is the reason for your Torah. He was here long before it was written. Do you not see this? How long must I wait for you, my children? Return to me and I will return to you. I am the Lord, your God, maker of Heaven and Earth, and yes, you!

Join Them in the Song of Salvation


Be not afraid for I am with you to the end of the age. Be not afraid for I am with you for all time. Return to me. Return to me. Return to me.

Be still and I will come to you as I have come to so many Gentiles. They love me as you should and know that stillness is what creates a relationship with me. They are my chosen people, too, and yet you often disrespect them. Many of them long for you to join them in the song of salvation.

Return to Me


Will you join them? Will you learn from them? Remove your arrogance and learn from them. Your minds need renovation and remodeling; they need my special attention, my transformation, my love, and my peace.

Would you deny me simple stillness? Why do you insist on making things so difficult? It is not hard; you are hard, my children. Return to me. Return to me. Return to me. I am the Lord, your God, maker of Heaven and Earth for all time and in all places.”

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  1. June 25th, 2022 | Liesa says:

    The town I grew-up in had many Jewish people and many in my classes in school. I remain burdened for them and pray for them lots, much as you have expressed.
    Again: good words!

  2. June 27th, 2022 | maryann says:

    I had a hard time being the “scribe” for this one–I agree that we just want them to join us, as God said. I see more and more signs of Messianic Jews starting to speak out, so maybe that will entice others to join them??? I sure hope so.

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