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As God’s Scribe: Forewarned and Forearmed…


“I am the Lord God, your savior and redeemer. Do not be scared of the things to come for I will be with you to the end of the age–the time to come. Great healing will take place then; great love and joy and peaces will reign for all eternity.

Be forewarned and forearmed in the ways eternal so that you may prosper in the times to come. Be like Joseph, who prepared for dark days and dark times. He did not consume all he could have consumed.

He saved a nation by saving some supplies for a ‘rainy day.’ So should you be prepared for the time to come. Yes, share with your neighbor, for in that way, you will win souls to the kingdom and prepare the nations for my return.

Be ready; be still. Wait for my orders when the time is complete. Be ready; be still for the time is coming, and coming soon.

Do not despair when this happens for it is my way of gathering the nations to me. Do not be weary of doing, for that is what will save you.

You will prophesy and speak tongues; you will see me move in ways you have never seen before. It will be my doing and my glory when it happens and I will be pleased to do it.”


As God’s Scribe: Seek These Things First…

“I am the Lord, your God, the one who saves all from eternal damnation. Yes, I said that–not to frighten you, not to condemn you, but to remind you that there will be, one day, consequences for not yielding to me and not believing in me and trusting me completely.

Lot’s wife paid a painful price for not trusting me completely. She should be an example to all not to cling to the world’s ways but to cling to me instead. I have your back like no other, and I will protect you from what is to come.

My Job Is to Love You…


It is not for me to condemn this world; it is my Father’s job to do that. My job is to love you and warn you of the perils of not listening to me and to my Father in Heaven.

The way is paved with peril for those who do not listen to the Master’s voice. Be on the road of belief and salvation. Be on the road of goodness and mercy, thus says the Lord. Amen and amen.

Seek My Face…


Tomorrow is not promised; today is. Therefore, do what is right for today’s challenges. Seek my face. Seek my presence. Seek my life in the Father.

Seek these things first, and your life will take a different path–a path of righteousness easily done because you hear my voice calling you each and every day. It will not be a voice you hear in human conversation but a whisper from above you and within you.


Do Not Give Up on This Pursuit…


The day is coming when all will be well with you and planet Earth. The cosmos will rejoice at my coming, my return to my beloved Earth. I adore you, my children–I so want to be with you.

You are the apple of my mind’s eye–I so long to see you. Be with me, now, in the silence. Know me in every fiber of your being. Do not give up on this pursuit.

You Will See Visions…


I will meet you there, in the silence, in the whisper, in the sensation in your body. You will see visions, visions of great things to come, and I will be in the visions, giving you hope and joy eternal.

The way is paved with good intentions, but are you acting on those? If not, the road is sinking sand and will not lead to the way eternal. You must believe in me and accept me into your lives today. Do not wait!

Tomorrow is not promised. I will meet you there and welcome you into eternal life with me. Do not wait–tomorrow is not promised.”


As God’s Scribe: Find My Light…

“Speak not against the coming tirades of politicians and leaders who mock my ways. They do not deserve your attention. Instead, find my light. Seek it while it may be found.

Do good works and I will enlighten your ways and your minds. Be on time for the greatest party on Earth–the Day of Jubilation, for my name’s sake.

The day is coming when I will return to Earth. Oh, how I long to see you–those whom I have never met and those who know me all too well. The way is treacherous and narrow, but you will find me soon and rejoice in my presence once again.”


As God’s Scribe: I Adore Play…


“Do not deceive yourselves about the ways of this world. They are largely evil and must be stopped by the godly. But do not misunderstand me. Pointing fingers at others only means four more are pointing back at you.

Instead, lovingly show them a better way through your own actions of kindness, and hospitality, and politeness. The day is coming when I will return, and I hope to return finding you doing good things for others as a blazing, searing light to those who do not yet know me and yield to me.

Will You Be a Part of the Plan?


They are largely hurting because evil and wickedness has been done to them without end. They suffer because I am not with them in this pain, and thus, they cannot heal. They then inflict harm on even more people. Please, please, please understand this about them.

We must take them back from the Evil One. It is that important to all things and all people being reconciled to me for all eternity. Will you be a part of the plan, or will you thwart my plan with your own unyielded thoughts?


As God’s Scribe: They Know the Master’s Voice…

“God is the true redeemer, the hero of this story I am writing with you. I am his representative and speak to you on behalf of him. He is worthy to be praised by all the Earth and will not stop until all his children are reconciled to him.

That is how much he loves you, that while sinners, he redeemed them for all time. All that needs to happen is for them to acknowledge his presence and his charm. The day is coming when all will be well, and all will be reconciled to him like a dog finding its master after a long absence from one another.

The Master Loves Them…

Dogs love their master, for they know the master’s voice and that the master loves them and cares for them. Thus, seek my love, and I will be found. Love will surround you all the days of your life if you do so. I will encircle you with love and protection all the days of your life.


As God’s Scribe: Dangerous for You…

“Beware of those who choose folly as their way, their path. They are dangerous for you and have many unyielding ways.”


As God’s Scribe: Great Leaders of Love…

“Be wary of false prophets who promote the abolition of tolerance and love. They do not speak for me. Yes, I once spoke of staying away from sinners, of separating yourselves from those who would do you harm.

But the reality is that the Holy Spirit now dwells among you and in you, and you can discern for yourselves that which is harmful for you and non-life-affirming.

It Is Mine to Judge…


That does not mean ignoring those who desperately need my care and love for them. It is mine to judge their hearts. But, be wary of how the unsaved affect your own heart and make my name a mockery.

For they want company; they want assurance that their viewpoint is the right one. Counter that with love and allow me to gently lead them back into truth and love for others, reuniting them with me for all eternity.

Eternity Begins Now…


Eternity. That’s a big word, and so many do not fully grasp it. Eternity begins now for those who welcome me into the kingdom of their hearts and minds and souls and spirits.

Those that do will reap a mountain of blessings they cannot fathom–eternity blessings they don’t fully comprehend. The day is coming when eternity will be for all mankind.

Follow My Commandments…


But some will not spend eternity with me, but with the impostor who seeks to be like me to no avail. That is an eternity of death, and destruction, and pain.

Yield not to the flesh, but follow my commandments once you have brought me into your hearts, so I may enjoy your transformation into who I meant you to be.

Write My Laws on Your Heart…


My laws and guidelines, and principles are not of this world. They live and breathe in the hearts of those who let the Holy Spirit reign in them. They would be harsh undertakings for those who do not know me.

But you do. So write my New Testament laws on your heart and live according to the lessons I gave my disciples, my 12, and to the people around them.

Stand Firm…


Because they heeded my voice, I did great things through them. Were they perfect? Of course, not! They dealt with many difficult things because of me. But their hearts strove to do right as often as they could, and I transformed them into great leaders of love.

So should you be to those you meet in your daily lives. Be salt and light to a world in desperate need of my reconciling, peaceful love. Do not despair, for the time is coming when I will vanquish all evil from this Earth, and you shall reap great rewards for standing firm in your faith in me.

I Will Be with You…


Be wary, again, I say it: Be wary of those who want to tear you apart from those around you, for that is not love and joy–that is heinous in my eyes.

Are these difficult times? Yes. It is difficult to discern who truly wants to live by my principles and prefects. But, I will be with you to the end of the age to guide you and direct you in all things. Amen and amen.”


As God’s Scribe: Wolves Around You…

“Beware of those who use my name in vain. They are not my true believers, and such behavior is not yet yielded to me. I have great hopes of them yielding this to me, but I gave them free will to choose how they will respond to my call to them and for them.

Are you such a person? Then, give this over to me so I may transform this behavior into the next part of your witness about me.

Do not be worried about this world, for I am coming soon, and very soon, to transform it into a place of love for all. Be careful not to separate yourselves from others so much that you lose the preciousness of their gifts and talents.

They may come in wolf’s clothing, but they are my children. And as my children, they can do much to win souls to my kingdom, even if in wolf’s clothing.


As God’s Scribe: Ever…

“Be still, my children. I love you to the depths of the ocean and to the heights of Heaven. I love you in the morning and yes, I love you in the evening and in the afternoon until dusk reaches the dawn.

Tomorrow is not promised so make good use of today. Too many people do not think this way, even when there is ample evidence that this is true. You do not know the hour or time of my coming so do not waste time thinking about this for I have it well in hand and that is all that is needed.


Be Unworried about Today…


The time is coming, and coming soon, when I will bring you into my kingdom and that will be a glorious day of rejoicing in my realm. Be unworried about today because I have it well in hand and I am coming to meet you in a glorious way.


As God’s Scribe: An Army of Love…

“It is not for you to know when these things will come to fruition. Just trust me and study my Word for it is a living, breathing resource for being my child. I do not come quietly to those who refuse me, but to those of you who accept me, you will hear my still, small voice in the time to come.

I will be your God and I will be your Father, the good Father. Charm me with your steadfastness and obey my commandments for they are still important and needed in this world.

Be Love…


Do not put on airs for you are no better and no worse than anyone else. Humble yourselves before me and I will resist all temptation that comes your way. Be love to this hurting world; they need you so much!

Train others to do the same, so that they become a giant army of love all over the world. Seek not destruction, but reformation. Have you been re-formed? If not, why?