Word of the Week: eidetic

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Book Club Lovers: Have you started reading the June MIP Book Club Selection? Beth Moore is so inspiring–I highly encourage you to make it a goal on your summer reading list!

Good morning, WOW lovers! If you watched the national news lately, did you catch the fact that one of the winning words for the National Spelling Bee co-champions was stichomythia??? That should ring a bell, because it’s a former WOW! See–you would win a spelling bee reading the WOW posts every week! Too bad they aren’t willing to give grown-ups $ 30,000 for spelling words correctly, hunh?

Last week’s WOW (Word of the Week) was mien. According to Merriam-Webster Online mien means air or bearing especially as expressive of attitude or personality as well as appearance or aspect. I hope that my mien indicates that I am a Christian! What do you hope your mien indicates about you?

Today’s WOW is eidetic. Eidetic falls under the category of “MaryAnn has heard this word and should know the meaning, but can’t quite yank it out of her rusty brain.” So, let me give my goofier ideas below and maybe the rust will dissipate enough that I come up with the actual definition. (I’m not holding my breath, though.)

eidetic: 1. a way to say, “I get it.” if you lisp 2. a goose feather down quality 3. the way someone struggling with dyslexia spells dietetic

What’s your definition for eidetic? Is your brain less rusty than mine?

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