Word of the Week: sangfroid

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Howdy, word lovers! Last week’s word was eurytopic. According to Merriam-Webster, eurytopic means tolerant of wide variation in one or more environmental factors. The daughter guessed that it had something to do with being perfect and she was pretty close to the right definition! I must be eurytopic because I tolerate the messy condition of my youngest’s room, right? Thankfully, I won’t have to be eurytopic much longer since he departs for college later this month. But perhaps we should pray that his future roomie has this quality???

Today’s word is sangfroid.  My “French” alarm is going off on this one, so if these definition guesses don’t make much sense, then blame it on those croissant people.

sangfroid: (säⁿ-ˈf(r)wä) 1. to be sad about being frozen. 2. the song Freud sang poorly 3. to sing about being cold.

What’s your guess?

Tomorrow’s Post: What did you do in honor of Avielle?

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