26 Tuesdays: Olivia Engel


Last week we honored Rachel D’Avino, a staff member at Sandy Hook Elementary. Rachel loved animals. Since I am in the process of converting the DD’s bedroom into a writing office, she and I are slowly sifting through her girlhood items and deciding what to keep and what to donate, etc. As with most girls growing up, the DD wound up with a fair number of stuffed animals in her room. She and I talked Super Bowl weekend and surveyed her collection and she was okay with letting go of the big teddy bears in her room. As a counseling intern I did a fair number of counseling sessions at a family therapy center in a nearby town. I asked one of the partners if she might be able to use the teddy bears in the therapy playroom.  She said, “Yes!” So 3 rather large bears and a few miscellaneous smaller animals are going off to a new home this afternoon! Today that puts our total of Acts of Kindness at 9! What did you do for your Act of Kindness? Please submit a comment below to let me know if you participated, so I can “up” our count for MIP. Thanks in advance. As always, you don’t have to say what you did…just that you participated.

Here is this week’s honoree. Olivia was one of the students at Sandy Hook.

Olivia Engel, 6
Her favorite stuffed animal was a lamb; pink and purple were her favorite colors. Olivia’s family posted a statement on Facebook with those and other details about their beloved daughter. “She was insightful for her age and had a great sense of humor. She laughed a lot and always lit up a room including the people around her. She was very creative and was always drawing and designing things,” her family said.Olivia took art and dance lessons, played tennis, soccer and swam. She was involved in Girl Scouts and musical theater. She loved school and did well in math and reading. Her family described her as a “grateful child … never greedy.” Olivia led grace each night at the dinner table.
What will you do to honor Ms. Engel this week? Let grace lead you. 🙂
Tomorrow’s Post: What’s wrong with having a “type”?
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  1. February 19th, 2013 | Tawnya Doggett says:

    Count one more for Rachel. Rachel continues to spread love and makes us all reach into our own self to see what comes out.

  2. February 19th, 2013 | maryann says:

    Yay! Yes, how do you ignore someone like her?

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