The 12 Days of MIP 2014: 12 & 11

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

For those who are relatively new to MIP, the “12 Days” series is my list of my favorite posts for the current year that would not be in the Most Popular Posts for the same time period. They are still the next most popular posts of the year with only one exception and I think you’ll enjoy this walk down Memory Lane as much as I do. Some are often seeing these posts for the first time because they missed the initial posting. By all means, if you are in the latter group, I would love to hear from you about your impressions of these. Leave a comment telling me the good, bad and indifferent of what lies ahead over the next few posts:

Number 12 on this list is due to a tradition that the “in-law family” has every few years. This enormous clan of 34 likes to take vacations together every few years and we like seeing new places. This year’s version, back in July, was spent in Estes Park, CO. Since going out to eat is ridiculous with this big a crowd, we rent two large vacation homes and cook most of our own food, often rotating who has “KP duty.” Thus, you might want to see what’s involved in feeding a large group of people for a week away in the mountains. Go here to see what I mean.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the American inability to tell the truth. We have trouble stating facts about our foibles collectively and even more trouble when it requires taking responsibility for our personal mistakes and weaknesses. Go here to see # 11 and why I think this is such a rampant “disease” in our culture and why it’s just plain silly and unproductive.

Friday’s Post: Are you Unstoppable?

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