Word of the Week: suffuse

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Book Club Lovers: Reading Chapter 2 still. How about you???

Last week’s WOW (Word of the Week) was fard. Merriam-Webster Online defines fard as: to paint (the face) with cosmetics. Thus, that means Tammy Faye Bakker fards, right??? I don’t think I can be accused of this on most days–I put on just enough to avoid scaring small children.

This week’s WOW is suffuse. I keep thinking I should know this word, but the definition is not rising to the surface! So y’all (It’s correct grammar for us Texans, even those of us who are merely naturalized citizens) will probably chime in with your correct guesses down below, if I had to guess.

Here are my measly attempts at defining it:

suffuse:  (sə-ˈfyüz) 1. using suffixes 2. asking a fuse, rather ineptly, “What’s up?” 3. a woman voting (Yes, I know that was a long reach!)

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