July 2017 Book Club

It’s been a while since I suggested a book for you to read! I guess I wanted to give you plenty of time to read Mastery by George Leonard! But here is my next suggestion:

A Hidden Wholeness by Parker J. Palmer

Digital: $ 10.27/Hardcover: $12.95/Paperback: $ 10.81/Audible (with an Audible trial): FREE!

Suggested MIP Reading Plan: 

Saturday, July 1st: Gratitudes & Prelude

Monday, July 3rd: Ch. 1

Tuesday, July 4th: Ch. 2

Wednesday, July 5th & Thursday, July 6th: Ch. 3

Friday, July 7th & Saturday, July 8th: Ch. 4

Monday, July 10th: Ch. 5

Tuesday, July 11th & Wednesday, July 12th: Ch. 6

Thursday, July 13th: Ch.7

Friday, July 14th & Saturday, July 15th: Ch. 8

Monday, July 17th: Ch. 9

Tuesday, July 18th & Wednesday, July 19th: Ch. 10

Thursday, July 20th: The Author

Friday, July 21st: Slow Reader Friday & August 2017 MIP Book Club Announcement

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