Maizie’s Musings: My Cave…


Greetings, people!

I am one smart canine. Whenever the mom person gets out my cave, I know I get to go in the moving machine. What? You don’t know what a moving machine is? It has wheels and makes a lot of noise and lets me see new yards. The mom person’s moving machine even has a hole in the roof of it and she will sometimes let me put my head out of the roof hole so that I can feel the air rush through my fur and watch the interesting expressions of other people in moving machines. They mostly have their mouths wide open. I don’t know why.

But when the mom person gets out my cave, I know it will wind up in the moving machine. And I am the only one allowed in my cave. I like caves…they make me feel safe, even though my cave has a locking door on the front of it. The mom person also puts my bed in there….unfortunately, her bed doesn’t fit in my cave very well. She did this for me just last weekend. This time she even put my bone in there for me. Occasionally, she’s smart like that.

The mom person and the dad person went in the moving machine with me and when we got in this really wooded area, I started telling them how happy I was by making my “urgent sounds.” I had been there before and it was a fun place to be! They let me out of the moving machine and my cave and I got to play by the big water bowls (The mom person says they are lakes.) and wander these really dusty paths. There are lots and lots and lots of trees there and so many interesting things to smell. Every time I go down a new path, I see more trees and bushes and plants and leaves and poop! It’s wonderful…all of it.

Whether I like it or not, the mom or dad person makes me get in my cave at night instead of sleeping by them. This is the one time I don’t really like my cave. I make another kind of urgent sound, but they don’t seem to pay much attention to me when I do this.

The big black canine meets me there when I go to this place and he has a cave, too. I think I may have gotten the bum cave in the deal because his has a lot more windows than mine and is bigger. But when the sky goes boom, I think I would still prefer my cave. I don’t think his would provide a lot of protection from those scary sky sounds.

About the only time I like hanging with the big black canine is when we go to this place. He and I have a lot of room to explore new poop and not be in each other’s way. But, I don’t like to get too far away from him and I also like to make sure that my people are within eyesight.

On the 2nd day that we were at this place the mom person was walking with the big black canine and me and all of a sudden a new canine came running up behind us. It surprised the mom person and quite frankly, it scared me and the big black canine. Since the new canine was running, we ran with him. The mom person did NOT like that. She yelled at both of us to go back to her. You could hear her loud voice everywhere. (Of course, she’s loud most of the time.)

The big black dog and I came back to the mom person and the other canine ran off for a while. Then the big black canine’s dad person came running up and talked excitedly to my mom person. And that other canine came back and did the same thing again!

Since the mom person got so mad about that new canine the last time, I chased him off. Then the big black canine helped me chase him off, but he got really angry about it and even bared his teeth. His dad person yelled at him and my mom person shooed the new canine away. The big black canine’s dad helped her, too.

My mom person was really surprised that I chased off the other dog. She says that I’m a beta dog, whatever that is. Apparently, beta dogs aren’t well known for chasing off other animals, but this dog was just pushy and on OUR turf.

The last time we went to this place we swam in the big water bowls, but all our people yelled at us when we tried to do that this time. I don’t get it. It had something to do with not wanting us to get dirty. That’s so silly. We’re in the woods and on dirt paths and exploring foreign poop. Of course, we’re going to get dirty. The big water bowls will help us wash it all off.

And I will dry myself off after I swim. When I do that, though, the mom and dad person are not usually amused or appreciative of this service I provide for them. And they still get out towels to wipe all over my fur. They need to be more grateful, in my humble opinion.

Perhaps the best part of the wooded place with the big water bowls is how blissfully I sleep for about 72 hours after my poop adventure with the big black canine. The mom person does seem to like that part. I don’t know why. She’s just weird.

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