As God’s Scribe: Great Leaders of Love…

“Be wary of false prophets who promote the abolition of tolerance and love. They do not speak for me. Yes, I once spoke of staying away from sinners, of separating yourselves from those who would do you harm.

But the reality is that the Holy Spirit now dwells among you and in you, and you can discern for yourselves that which is harmful for you and non-life-affirming.

It Is Mine to Judge…


That does not mean ignoring those who desperately need my care and love for them. It is mine to judge their hearts. But, be wary of how the unsaved affect your own heart and make my name a mockery.

For they want company; they want assurance that their viewpoint is the right one. Counter that with love and allow me to gently lead them back into truth and love for others, reuniting them with me for all eternity.

Eternity Begins Now…


Eternity. That’s a big word, and so many do not fully grasp it. Eternity begins now for those who welcome me into the kingdom of their hearts and minds and souls and spirits.

Those that do will reap a mountain of blessings they cannot fathom–eternity blessings they don’t fully comprehend. The day is coming when eternity will be for all mankind.

Follow My Commandments…


But some will not spend eternity with me, but with the impostor who seeks to be like me to no avail. That is an eternity of death, and destruction, and pain.

Yield not to the flesh, but follow my commandments once you have brought me into your hearts, so I may enjoy your transformation into who I meant you to be.

Write My Laws on Your Heart…


My laws and guidelines, and principles are not of this world. They live and breathe in the hearts of those who let the Holy Spirit reign in them. They would be harsh undertakings for those who do not know me.

But you do. So write my New Testament laws on your heart and live according to the lessons I gave my disciples, my 12, and to the people around them.

Stand Firm…


Because they heeded my voice, I did great things through them. Were they perfect? Of course, not! They dealt with many difficult things because of me. But their hearts strove to do right as often as they could, and I transformed them into great leaders of love.

So should you be to those you meet in your daily lives. Be salt and light to a world in desperate need of my reconciling, peaceful love. Do not despair, for the time is coming when I will vanquish all evil from this Earth, and you shall reap great rewards for standing firm in your faith in me.

I Will Be with You…


Be wary, again, I say it: Be wary of those who want to tear you apart from those around you, for that is not love and joy–that is heinous in my eyes.

Are these difficult times? Yes. It is difficult to discern who truly wants to live by my principles and prefects. But, I will be with you to the end of the age to guide you and direct you in all things. Amen and amen.”

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