Word of the Day: Sacrifice

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Sacrifice is a word most hate to use these days. It implies pain, giving up something of value, or at the very least, delaying gratification. But it’s a word worth revisiting today, Ash Wednesday.

As most of us know, Ash Wednesday commemorates the 40 days of Jesus being in the wilderness without food in preparation for his ministry to the world. We celebrate Ash Wednesday because it is the beginning of 40 weekdays before Easter–the season of Lent.

Many people choose to sacrifice, or forego, something they thoroughly enjoy at this time of year. They give up chocolate, red meat, TV or something else that feels essential to their existence and enjoyment of life. In exchange for such a sacrifice they hope to regain some control over eating habits, find more productivity or to reconnect with the Lord.

While all of these are honorable pursuits, may I suggest another kind of sacrifice? How about sacrificing some time to do something good for someone else? Or give some money (that was intended for enjoyment) to a worthy cause? Even sacrificing a smile here or there could be really monumental for a person who needs a little kindness.

Just think how much better your end of the world could be if you did 40 acts of kindness beginning today and ending at Easter? Yes, it might be a small sacrifice, but think about the joy that would not only bring your kindness recipients, but also you! Most of us find joy in helping others–a joy that cannot be equaled by paltry possessions or some experience.

And also think about how joyous Easter will be for you and your family if you commit to such a practice this Lent! It might be more than worth the sacrifice. And that might be fitting for celebrating a Man who sacrificed Himself as an ultimate act of kindness for you. 

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