Word of the Week: opusculum

Book Club Fans: I’m reading about silencing my mind today in TwirlThat will happen when someone clunks me over the head with a hammer.

Fast 5 Topic for this Week: We’ve figured out why Philemon probably did what Paul asked him to do. Now, it’s on to hear John, the beloved apostle in 2nd John. No, not the gospel of John at the beginning of the New Testament…2nd John…towards the end of the New Testament.

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Howdy, Word Fans! Last week’s word was knackered. I had a sneaky suspicion someone was going to know this word and actually two family members both got this one right. Merriam-Webster officially defines it as: tired or exhausted. This is a British expression, so I guess the relatives spent a week in London recently when I wasn’t looking. What is even more interesting is that knacker is a noun and has little to do with knackered. Go figure. 

Today’s Word of the Week (WOW) is opusculum. Here’s what I’m guessing for opusculum:

opusculum: (ō-ˈpəs-kyə-ləm) 1. An alumnus of Opus University 2. scum that’s full of pus (I hope you weren’t eating breakfast while reading that one. If so, my profound apologies.) 3. the gibberish that comes out of MaryAnn’s mouth before the first cup of coffee in the morning

What’s your guess for opusculum? Go here to submit a guess.

Wednesday’s Post: Don Juan John

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