Word of the Week: fuliginous

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Last week’s Word of the Week was thimblerig. Reader Stonesmama says that a thimblerig is Thumbelina’s souped-up monster truck that she drives over thimblecars. (Maybe she should be writing this blog???) However, Merriam-Webster would disagree with that definition. The online definition is: a swindling trick in which a small ball or pea is quickly shifted from under one to another of three small cups to fool the spectator guessing its location. In fact the person doing this trick is called a thimblerigger. I’d love to see that as the previous job title on an employment application!

This week’s word is fuliginous. God bless you. When you say fuliginous, doesn’t it sound like someone sneezing???? So, here are my definition attempts:

fuliginous: (fyu-ˈli-jə-nəs) 1. the sound made by a human being while sneezing. 2. a flexible foolish person. 3. the feeling one has after eating 2 Thanksgiving dinners back-to-back.

What are your definition ideas for fuliginous?

Tomorrow’s Post: What did you do for Grace?

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  1. May 13th, 2013 | Stonesmama says:

    Man, I didn’t get thimblerig right?!?!?!? I really thought I stood a chance this time. Oh well. I don’t have a guess this week. Fuliginous sounds like a geological term to me; like some sort of rock formation. Nothing clever. LOL

  2. May 13th, 2013 | MaryAnn says:

    Ooohhh…good thought. I guess we’ll have to see, hunh?!

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