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As God’s Scribe: Much to Share with You…

“I am the Lord God of Israel and I have much to say to you, but you must seek me out while I may be found. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life Everlasting. You cannot get to God without me, the holy One of Israel. Seek me first in all your ways and in all your ways, acknowledge me.

This is the way to salvation yielding fruit in your life. Do not despair when times are tough for I will come to you in the dark of night and you will hear my voice as never before. I will come when you least expect it.

Do not be afraid of me for my voice will comfort you in your time of need for I am comfort. I am love. I am compassion. I am peace. Why are you so downtrodden when I have already vanquished the darkness in your life?

I have much to share with you in your time of need. The light has come for all time to win souls to the kingdom without end for I am love. I am light. I am honesty. I am transparency. I am wisdom. I am with you to the end of the age.”


As God’s Scribe: Believe in Me…

“Be ye kind to one another for the time has come to learn much about me that has not yet been revealed. I am the Lord God of Israel and many things will come to pass in the time of tribulation. Do not fear it, for I have you in the palm of my hand for now and always.

To whom much is given much will be required. Do not harm one another, for they all are my beloved children. The time is coming when all men and women will be required to fight and fight hard, but the victory is yours.

I do not fear for you because you are my beloved children and I will care for you, just as any father would. You are my beloved child in whom I am well pleased. Believe in me as I believe in you. Do not be troubled by the goings-on of this world. I have it all under control.

Believe in me for all time because I have come to save you from the evil one. Be in tune with God and all will be well.”


As God’s Scribe: Do You Not See It?

“I am the Lord God of Israel and Jacob. You have much to learn from me, my ways, my teachings. I shall teach you by day and teach you by night. Are you ready for this? I am ready, and if I am ready, so you should be ready.

Do not betray me; instead, acknowledge me in all your ways, and thoughts, and actions. The day is coming when I will return for you and bring you to Heaven. Do not mistake my intentions–while I mete out justice on the unjust, I also loved the unloved. That is my way, my goodness.

Do you not see it? Do you not hear it? I do. Make sure you do, too.”


As God’s Scribe: Be Kind to Them…

“Be wary of those around you who do not love me as their Creator God. They scorn your ways and will do anything to thwart your ways. The time is coming all will be well with you, but they will rue the day they chose not to acknowledge me as their own Messiah. I love them; they do not love me.

My ways are not your ways, so you must be vigilant in how you conduct yourselves around them for I am love, just as you should be for all time’s sake. Judge not lest you be judged, for the time is coming when I will judge the unjust.

Why do you withdraw your love from those who need it most? They are my beloved children from all eternity to all eternity. Many of my children do not know worldly wealth, and because of it, they suffer.

Many of them suffer from malnutrition, a lack of shelter, imprisonment, illiteracy, pestilence, war, and dis-ease. Be kind to them, my children, for they need you.

It will come to pass that all men and all women will know my name for my son’s sake. He will judge the nations and do my work as only he can. Justice will rain down from Heaven until the day of reckoning. Then there will be peace in the land for all eternity.”


As God’s Scribe: Simple Stillness…

“I am the Lord God of Israel. I will be praised among the nations, but I have great fondness for my people, Israel. Unfortunately, they do not seek me as they should, but worship only me. I want them to worship my son, Jesus, for he is their true Messiah.

The Israelites try my patience most days even though I have given them the land of milk and honey yet again. They war with their neighbors, yet I require peace in their hearts and minds. When will they learn this? How many times must I remind them of history?

Acknowledge My Son


They have, thankfully, stopped wishing for a tyrant king, but they still have a long way to go to worship me as they should. I will not tolerate this much longer, O, Israel!

Be not afraid of my love for you, Israel. Come back to me, Israel, and I will come back to you. My Holy Spirit longs to dwell in your hearts, to make your paths straight, but you must acknowledge my Son for that to happen.


As God’s Scribe: I Applaud Your Gifts…

“I am God of all the nations on Earth. They do not yet perceive this, but it is the truth. What is the meaning of all this? That every tongue, every nation must yield to me and my prefects, for they are just and true. They are meant for my children’s protection from the evil that is coming.

I do not want slaves; slaves are not free to love their masters–they must obey them, for they are slaves and that is their purpose.

I Want Relationships

I want children. I want relationships. I want love, a love that lasts in all places and in all times. I want peace and tranquility among all the nations of the world. You do not yet fully perceive what this means, but I will tell you in the end days. Do not think this is a long time coming; it will happen in the blink of an eye. Therefore, be brave; fortify yourselves with my word and my strength and my love for you.


As God’s Scribe: My Burdens Are Light…



My Burdens Are Light

“My burdens are light, yet you make them difficult. Why is that? Simply yield to me in each moment and your paths will be made straight. This is not difficult. You are my sheep; the sheep of my kingdom and I am your ultimate shepherd.

Thus, the sheep of my pasture know my voice and trust my voice. It is the voice of love and compassion, forgiveness and mercy, sacrifice and humility, joy and sorrow over the things of this life.

Seek Me Out

Why do you forsake me with your evil ways? I do not forsake you–I love you more than you will ever know. The days are numbered for how long I will be patient with this world, so seek me out while I can be found. Do not wait–come to me. Come to me now; seek me out while I can still be found.

The days are numbered for my return. Do you not see it?


As God’s Scribe: I Have Your Back…

“You are forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ, my only begotten Son. So, why do you hesitate to share his love with the world? I have your back–I will not disappoint you, for you are my beloved child. The world needs you, your cleansing touch, your acclamation of my love for you. That is the way to change the world for good, the good I put into the world long ago.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life for I am with you. Be not afraid of this world; it cannot harm you until I say it can. You are protected by my love, sealed by my blood, my child.

I will not let you falter; I will not let you fail, for I am the Lord God of Heaven and Earth. Be glorified for my name’s sake–yes, glorified. The Lord is with you, also those who call upon my name when trouble strikes.


As God’s Scribe: I See You…

“I am the Lord, your God, and I see what you don’t think I see. I see your pain, your hopelessness, your despair, your destitute state. I am not the creator of these things, but they can still be used for unbelievable and irrevocable and indestructible good.

Do you yet perceive how much I love you? I would search the galaxies for you. Yes, you. Do you not see how beautiful you are? You bring such goodness and light to those around you–it is a great delight to me.

I will do anything to be with you. Yes, you. Do you not yet see that I have already done all conceivable things just to be with you? I have great mysteries to share with you. But, you must seek me with your whole heart and then you shall find me. I shall show you how to yield to me and I will yield to you. You are beloved far more than rubies, or diamonds, or sapphires.

The Lord your God calls you. Yes, you. Will you answer? Will you yield? I wait for you.”


As God’s Scribe: The Table is Set…

“I am the Lord, your God, and yet, you do not acknowledge me as you should. You think I do not see your depraved state, your endless pursuit of reckless meaninglessness, but I do. I see all. And yet, somehow, I still love you. I still want to redeem you for my kingdom.

My kingdom is not of this world. It is not a country or a sovereignity. It knows no boundaries or rulers. It doesn’t recognize governments as good or bad. My kingdom sees people; it sees hearts. It sees purity in the impure. It sees triumph in the midst of despair. It loves without reason. It embraces all who embrace me, and I embrace them back.

I am the chosen, the one true leader. I am the elected of all the realms of Heaven. Yet, you cheapen my love and care for you by pursuing that which drags you farther away from me. I have invited you to such riches! Why would you deny me the pleasure of your company? Why would you censor me from your life? I would never do that to you.

The day is coming when you will see my kingdom as easily as you see bread and water and life. You will also see just how much I love you and want you to be there with me.

The table is set–it has been set for a long time–it is set for you! Come and join the feast on that table, the feast and celebration in your honor. All the world will rejoice to see you there. Do not be late for the party. Do not wait for the invitation. The invitation was already sent a long time ago.”