Maizie’s Musings: Flimsy Bowls…

While the Mom person generally feeds me a scoop of my dog food in my trusty green china bowl, there are additional “bowls” that I get to at least lick when the Mom person is finished with them.

She eats from a lot of these and for some inexplicable reason throws them away afterwards. They come in a cardboard box and stay in the really cold part of the refrigerator until she’s ready to eat them. She must not want the Dad person to know she eats them, because she seldom eats them when he’s around. And if you ask me, his food is way more interesting than hers! There can’t be enough food in those bowls to keep her fed well.

The bowls are also kind of flimsy. My green bowl doesn’t bend and is not easily moved. This is ideal for licking them at the end of a meal. But the flimsy bowls slide all over the place and this is a problem, because the Mom person usually gives them to me when she’s finished eating the 5 bites of food in them. She puts them on the ground and allows me to lick them clean. (I’m a real professional at the “Lick Clean” Department.)

I wind up following these flimsy excuses for bowls all over the room. Sometimes I get lucky and get them wedged in between the lower parts of some furniture. But this also presents a problem. If I don’t wedge them just right, they can go under the furniture and are forever lost. The Mom person doesn’t even give them back to me if she gets them for me. She doesn’t seem to care that it’s my job to clean them perfectly. What is up with her? She is really weird.

And the Mom person leaves very little for me to lick. I barely get a taste of anything good from those bowls. It’s enough to make me want to wait for the Dad person to get home so I can have some of the interesting food with him. But since he goes away for months on end (Well, it seems like months to me.), this is the only really interesting thing, food-wise, I get to do with the Mom person. She acts like she’s in charge or something.

Must take this under advisement and figure out a way to get at those flimsy bowls a little sooner. Maybe if I give her a really sad, needy look that will work???? Oh. Wait. I’ve already tried that. Back to the drawing board.

Only one problem: I forgot where I put my drawing board. It’s probably wedged under some furniture.

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