Word of the Week: crepitate

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Compassion Counseling Center Update: We have reached the 200 mark on “Likes” on our Facebook page! We could still use some more clients, though, so that all of our counselors-in-training have the needed hours to graduate on time. Please continue to pray that hurting people in our area will find us quickly! Thanks!

Last week’s WOW was deracinate. The Merriam-Webster Online definition is: uproot or to remove or separate from a native environment or culture; especially to remove the racial or ethnic characteristics or influences from something. The hubby had a pretty close guess for this one! How is it that everyone in my family is smarter than me??? Oh. Wait. It’s my family.

Today’s WOW is crepitate. I feel like I should know this word, but it has escaped my brain (probably from that face plant a few weeks ago!). So here are my guesses for crepitate:

crepitate (ˈkre-pə-ˌtāt) 1. to make decrepit 2. to decapitate with a credit card (Bet that’s messy. Sorry–couldn’t resist!) 3. to creep creepily

What’s your guess for crepitate? Go here to tell me.

Wednesday’s Post: YOUR 4 and 3

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