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Have you been playing outside? I sure have. The weather is like that time of year when the Dad person shaves off my fur so I can be cooler. Usually, at this time of year I need all of my fur, but if this weather keeps up, I’m going to need those buzzing things he uses a lot sooner!

When I go outside, I like to find the small wooden things that have fallen from the winged invaders’ hideout. I like to prop them up in my front paws and chew them into tiny little bits.

Unfortunately, none of the winged invaders have a hideout indoors and so I can’t find the tiny wooden things! It’s a big pain because I have to hop up and down like a possessed kangaroo to get a bone. Bones are kinda like the wooden things, but much bigger and tastier.

The mom person calls them “rawhides,” but there’s nothing uncooked about them and they don’t resemble any animal’s hide from what I can tell. They have curly knots at the end and this is annoying, because I have to chew for a really long time before I can get those stupid knots off. The main part of the bone is straight and I can annihilate that part in one sitting.

Maybe the best thing about the bones is that if I put them in my mouth and wag my tail, the mom person knows that I want to play “retrieve” with her. I pretend to walk up to her as if I’m going to drop the bone at her feet, but when she reaches to grab it, I turn away and show her my backside….ahahaahahahahaha. She just thinks she’s smart.

Eventually, I do turn around and give her the bone and then she tosses it in the air. I have to retrieve it and it can be difficult to tell which way she’s going to throw it, because she likes to stand in a part of my domicile where she could throw it four different directions! She makes it even harder by requiring me to sit. This delays me from figuring out which way she’s going with that bone. She’s just weird.

If I let her have the bone enough times, eventually I get to retrieve it from all four directions and this is fun. But I’ve noticed something lately–I sure do get tired retrieving bones. I didn’t used to–it must be all that fur I’m wearing right now. Either that or I’ve been in the back yard on winged invader patrol for too long. The good news is that there is a cool tile floor in the meat and cheese section of the domicile, so if I lay down there, I cool off right away and I am in prime position for spying the meat and cheese times in that part of the domicile.

The mom person is particularly stingy with the meat and cheese, so it’s a good thing I have my bones to keep me fed properly. If there weren’t bones, I might actually have to eat the dog food in my bowl. A canine has to be absolutely desperate to eat dog food.

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