June 2016 Book Club

Are you a psychology junkie? Do you like those magazine questionnaires or online personality inventories that describe you to a T afterwards? Are you a Christian? Do you know your Meyers-Briggs type by heart?

If your answers above were yes to two or more of those questions, then you’re probably going to enjoy the June 2016 MIP Book Club Selection! Here it is:

SoulTypes by Jane Kise and Sandra Krebs Hirsh

About the Authors: Sandra Krebs Hirsh; Jane Kise

Cost: Kindle Edition: 9.99; Paperback: $ 14.99

ISBN-10: 0806651466

ISBN-13: 978-0806651460

MIP Reading Plan: 

Wednesday, June 1st: Foreword

Thursday, June 2nd: Preface

Friday, June 3rd: Introduction

Saturday, June 4th: Chapter 1

Monday, June 6th: Chapter 2

Tuesday, June 7th: Introduction to Sensing & Intuitive Spirituality & Chapter 3

Wednesday, June 8th: Chapter 4

Thursday, June 9th: Chapter 5

Friday, June 10th: Chapter 6

Saturday, June 11th: Introduction to Thinking & Feeling Spirituality & Chapter 7

Monday, June 13th: Chapter 8

Tuesday, June 14th: Chapter 9

Wednesday, June 15th: Chapter 10

Thursday, June 16th: Appendix A & Appendix B

Friday, June 17th: Slow Reader Friday Post & July 2016 MIP Book Club Selection Announcement