Word of the Week: styptic

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Book Club Members: Do you have Killing Jesus yet? Or are you hoping Santa will bring that to you? 😉

WOW Lovers: Next week I will reveal words and slang that Merriam-Webster Online is contemplating adding to its next edition. I will only list ones I don’t know. So, if you’re more up on current slang and terminology, this is your opportunity to show up this blogger/writer!

Last week’s WOW (Word of the Week) was pinchbeck. Merriam Webster Online describes pinchbeck as: an alloy of copper and zinc used especially to imitate gold in jewelry or something counterfeit or spurious. So, if you think you bought a loved one or friend something gold for Christmas, you may want to re-examine it for pinchbeck qualities!

Today’s WOW is styptic. What do you think styptic means? Here are my guesses:

styptic: (ˈstip-tik) 1. stuck on being cryptic 2. when a sty forces your eye to have a tic 3. optics used to enhance style

Wednesday’s Post: The 12 Days of MIP: 2 & 1…that proverbial partridge in a pear tree!

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