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Last week’s word was vernissage. Vernissage is a private showing or preview of an art exhibition. Since I can almost draw a stick figure, I don’t think a vernissage will be in my future any time in the next millennium.

This week’s word is zarzuela. Type that on your keyboard once. Your left pinkie gets a workout. It’s like yoga for your left pinkie.

To reiterate for the 149th time, submit your guesses below or send me an email via the Contact page. The winner gets MIP points. What are MIP points? Good question. Can you redeem them for wonderful door prizes? You haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning, have you? Get another cup now and then read my equally sleepy attempts at a definition.

zarzuela: (ˌzär-zə-ˈwā-lə) 1. when a Russian czar has a baby with Consuela. (further evidence that I need more coffee) 2. when a bazaar goes “berzerk” from seeing a Russian czar with Consuela’s baby (“Hello, Bellevue? There’s a woman in Texas who needs a straight jacket stat.”) 3. a  bizarre yoga routine for arthritic left pinkie fingers.

Tomorrow’s Post: Have you done your act of kindness this week?

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