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Click here for the December 2013 Book Club Selection information! (Link not available until 11 am CST on 11/22/13.)

Click here for the November 2013 Book Club Selection information!

My philosophy is that if you’re not learning, you’re not living. Thus, this writer reads…a lot. Even in our very visual-media-oriented culture, I still think reading is an important part of everyone’s development and progress towards becoming the human being we were all meant to be. In the past year I have been blessed to be exposed to great writers with wonderfully inspirational, motivating messages. I invite you to share in that “adventure” with me by becoming a part of the MaryAnn In Progress Book Club!

Here’s how it will work:

1. I will select a book for us to read and announce it in time for you to order it online or find it at your favorite bookstore. Since I prefer to work with and read my books on a Kindle, I will give you the link for that book via Amazon. I only provide this as a convenience–I do not receive any benefit for providing the link, so you are more than welcome to find it elsewhere.

2. At the beginning of the month, I will give you my “reading plan” for the book for that month. Thus, you can work on scheduling it into your hectic lives as you see fit. If you need to read ahead of me one week, do that! If you need to catch up to where I am in the book because of a busy week, do that, too. Have no fear–I won’t be smacking your fingers if you get behind. Again, I’m only providing the plan to assist you in also planning how you’re going to work your way through the book.

3. At the end of the reading plan, I will give you my favorite parts of the book in a “Slow Reader Friday” post that will probably be up the last Friday of each month.

4. I hope you will post your favorite parts and give me feedback about the book by posting your thoughts and comments at the end of the Slow Reader Friday post for that book. It will make it a whole lot more fun if we share what we learned or share what we wish we had learned with each other. So, don’t be shy; don’t be scared–I don’t plan on giving you a difficult time if you don’t agree with my take on the book–This is a discussion and all opinions will be respected!

As you can see, I’m starting a new MIP page for the purpose of posting about the next book selection, the reading plan and appropriate links. So, “tune in” here each month for your guide to what’s happening at the MIP Book Club. And….happy reading!

October 2013 Book Selection: 

Life Interrupted: Navigating the Unexpected

by Priscilla Shirer

Amazon Link

Amazon Cost: Kindle $ 2.99; Used Paperback from $ 3.04; New Paperback from $ 5.99; Used Audiobook from $ 18.51; New Audiobook from $ 18.54; Audible Audio Edition $ 15.95 with 30-day free Audio trial.

ISBN: 1433670453

Here is a little about Priscilla Shirer:

Reading Plan for Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer:

Tuesday, October 1 – Chapter 1

Wednesday & Thursday, October 2 & 3 – Chapter 2

Friday, October 4 – Chapter 3

Saturday, October 5 – Chapter 4

Monday, October 7 – Chapter 5

Tuesday, October 8 – Chapter 6

Wednesday, October 9 – Chapter 7

Thursday & Friday, October 10 & 11 – Chapter 8

Saturday, October 12 – Chapter 9

Monday, October 14 – Chapter 10

Tuesday & Wednesday, October 15 & 16 – Chapter 11

Thursday & Friday, October 17 & 18 – Chapter 12

Saturday, October 19 – Chapter 13

Monday, October 21 – Chapter 14

Tuesday & Wednesday, October 22 & 23 – Chapter 15

Friday, October 25 – Slow Reader Friday Post & Online Discussion/Announcement of November 2013 Selection