Maizie’s Musings: Weird Dog Treats…

When I’m very, very, very good, the Mom person or the Dad person give me the special treats that sit on top of the big gray box in the cold floor area of the house. The cold floor area of the house has a lot of my favorite things—like all kinds of meat, cheese, and crispy things. The meat and cheese hang out in the big gray box, so I know EXACTLY where those special treats are.

I only get the special treats on really special occasions like when I let the Dad person work on my toe nails. He gets this whirring thing and grinds my poor nails down to a pulp. I’ve heard of human pedicures and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why humans get pedicures. Working on my nails unnerves me so much that the Mom person has me flip on my back and then she holds me tightly in one place by straddling me with her legs and holding my other paws.

This doesn’t exactly make me feel better about this toe nail process. The only two good things out of it is that she pets my head while I endure this and then I get the special treats.

Another time I get them is when I go outside when it’s very wet or there are loud booms in the sky. Just today I actually went outside willingly while it was wet and the Mom person dried me off with my favorite towel and gave me these treats.

But sometimes the treats get weird. And I think I’m on to the Mom person. If she gives me the treats when I haven’t done anything particularly good, I start to get suspicious. When I don’t merit them, the treats taste a little weird and they’re crunchy in the middle.

This seems to happen when the booms begin outside and all I know is that I start to get very, very sleepy when I get the unusual treats. And the Mom person has a strange smile on her face when she gives them to me, too. Hmmmm….

I usually take a nap under my favorite table when I get these weird treats and I usually wake up to sunny skies and no booming sounds anywhere. If I do wake up before it’s sunny again, the Mom person gives me more of the weird treats. Note to self: Wake up more often.

It’s starting to boom again outside…I wonder if I can get some more treats…..zzzzzzzzzz

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