Maizie’s Musings: Paw Massages


Rrrrrrrrrrrrruff! How are my readers? Yes, you are my readers. The mom person just hasn’t figured out this obvious reality yet. She’s just weird.

Because I am Queen of the Canine Universe, I am entitled to paw massages. (The people tell me that entitlement is common in America, therefore, I am certain that canine queens deserve paw massages.) What is a paw massage?

When I sit down beside my people, I lift up my paw to them. My people know that when I do this, they are to rub all parts of my paw (top and bottom, inside and out), thoroughly. By thoroughly I mean for about 5 hours. Sometimes I re-position my corresponding leg to receive leg massages, too, but I’m fonder of paw massages. Other people shake my paw up and down and I have no earthly idea why.

If my people do this for about 5 hours, a funny thing happens. My eyelids get really, really heavy. When this happens, it’s a huge challenge to keep from sliding into a sleeping position. And if I succumb to that, the people are really not very well trained at continuing the paw massage. This, of course, is just not acceptable!

I have considered drinking that foul brown stuff the Mom person drinks in the morning (She even likes it hot!) so that my massages last the full 5 hours, but even for paw massages, I’m not willing to have that in my drinking receptacle.

Actually, I’m getting a paw massage right now. The mom person is at my beck and call 18 hours a day (another entitlement for those of us of royal birth) and she seems to understand why I’m entitled to them better than anyone. Hmmm……my eyelids……feel…….really…zzzzzzzzzzzz…

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