Maizie’s Musings: Square Stones…


I do a lot of panting at this time of year. Why do the humans make it so hot outside? (They control everything.) There never seems to be enough water in my bowl and I even make myself look really pathetic as I pant and hang out by the Mom person when it gets empty.

Thankfully, my humans have square stones on the kitchen floor. I don’t know how they find so many stones that are the same size and color perfectly, but my humans are pretty clever. The stones have magic powers in them.

No! It’s true.

How do I know this? Because whenever I pant after coming from outside, laying down on the square stones stops my panting almost instantly! I don’t know how they do this, but it happens.

I no longer waste any more time when coming inside. I go immediately to the magic stones and make sure as much of my body is touching those magic stones as I can. This usually means I have to be in the middle of the floor.

The mom person doesn’t seem overly fond of me using this section of the floor. She says she has to step over me when going from one part of the floor to another. But she would quit complaining if she’d put her body on the floor with me. This is awesome stuff here!

When I quit panting, the stones have another magical effect–they make me sleepy. I tend to wake up on these stones a lot.

There’s only one down side to these square stones. They aren’t quite as comfy as my bed or the humans’ beds. I may have to strike for better canine conditions in the future. These humans are supposed to cater to my every need. They just don’t know it yet. I prefer to keep them in the dark about my true intentions as often as possible. It makes for better bargaining positions.

You’ll have to excuse me now…I need to make my “Maizie on Strike” signs.

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