April 2016 Book Club

Here’s the next book I studied in my HeartPaths spiritual formation training program and the April 2016 MIP Book Club Selection:

Praying our Experiences by Joseph F. Schmidt

Kindle Version: $ 9.49

Paperback Version: $ 10.95


About the Author: Joseph F. Schmidt, FSC is a lecturer, spiritual director, and pastoral counselor.  For many years he was on the staff of the international sabbatical center, Sangre de Cristo, Santa Fe, NM, USA.  During the last years he has focused his interest on St. Thérèse of Lisieux. He has written three books, all focused on Thérèse and her spirituality, published by Word Among Us Press.

MIP Suggested Reading Plan:

Friday, April 1st: Foreword

Saturday, April 2nd: Preface

Monday, April 4th: Chapter 1

Tuesday, April 5th: Chapter 2

Wednesday, April 6th: Chapter 3

Thursday, April 7th: Chapter 4

Friday, April 8th: Chapter 5

Saturday, April 9th: Chapter 6

Monday, April 11th: Chapter 7

Tuesday, April 12th: Chapter 8

Wednesday, April 13th: Chapter 9

Thursday, April 14th: Chapter 10

Friday, April 15th: Chapter 11

Saturday, April 16th: Chapter 12

Monday, April 18th: Chapter 13

Tuesday, April 19th: Chapter 14

Wednesday, April 20th: Chapter 15

Friday, April 22nd: Slow Reader Friday Review and May 2016 MIP Book Club Selection Announcement