Word of the Week: provenience

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For those of you who follow the Word of the Week blog feature on Mondays, we’ve passed a small milestone. When I launched Word of the Week, I made a list of words I didn’t know all the way up to last week on a whiteboard in my writing office. We are now into a new list! Perhaps trivial to most, but significant to me. Thanks for giving all of your creative ideas for the definitions of each week’s word. So, on to the new list!

Last week’s Word of the Week was zarzuela. A zarzuela is a usually comic Spanish operetta. I don’t know about the Spanish operetta part, but it’s pretty comical when I’m typing zarzuela.

This week’s word is provenience. I think I should know this word, but if I do, it’s escaping me this morning. Any ideas? Submit them below. Here’s my take on what it might mean. No fair cheating!

provenience: (prə-ˈvē-nyən(t)s) 1. inconvenience 2. being fond of Venice 3. being fond of mothers intervening wherever needed

Tomorrow’s Post: What did you do in memory of Nancy Lanza?


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