As God’s Scribe: I See You…

“I am the Lord, your God, and I see what you don’t think I see. I see your pain, your hopelessness, your despair, your destitute state. I am not the creator of these things, but they can still be used for unbelievable and irrevocable and indestructible good.

Do you yet perceive how much I love you? I would search the galaxies for you. Yes, you. Do you not see how beautiful you are? You bring such goodness and light to those around you–it is a great delight to me.

I will do anything to be with you. Yes, you. Do you not yet see that I have already done all conceivable things just to be with you? I have great mysteries to share with you. But, you must seek me with your whole heart and then you shall find me. I shall show you how to yield to me and I will yield to you. You are beloved far more than rubies, or diamonds, or sapphires.

The Lord your God calls you. Yes, you. Will you answer? Will you yield? I wait for you.”

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