Log Rhythms: Spring Fling

Weellllll….I didn’t quite follow through on my intention of keeping you up to date with all that is going on with our Katahdin cabin at the Reserve at Montalba. Let’s just say my spiritual direction practicum is to blame.

However, the practicum should be finished by the latter part of April and I will be back to my blogging shenanigans. In the meantime I want to give you a brief update and…an invitation!

We are now “at the landscaping stage” of our little gray cabin in the woods. And a new pond is going in, as well as our driveway! I finally got to drive down the driveway this past weekend and we can now park a car in the carport! Hallelujah–I never thought I’d see this day!

We have already had two sets of guests at the cabin, too, and celebrated our first Christmas there. I used to think I did well decorating my own home for Christmas, but there is just something special about decorating a log cabin for Christmas. And it was our first grandson’s first Christmas and New Year’s, so it was even more special.

But, back to that invitation I mentioned. Each year the Reserve holds an “Open House” of sorts–Spring Fling! It’s held in conjunction with nearby Palestine, TX’s Dogwood Festival. If Mother Nature will cooperate, attendees at the “Fling” will get to see plenty of dogwoods and other flowering trees and flowers at the Reserve.

In addition a hayride will take people around to the cabins beginning at 12:45 pm on Saturday, April 7th, 2018. The hubby will even be giving a talk on building a log cabin from “A to Z” on our back porch, so yes, you can see our cabin in detail at that time.

The next stop on the hayride will be to another Katahdin cabin and at that stop, visitors will have a chance to talk with Katahdin reps who are coming all the way from Maine to visit us! Not sure who they are? Just listen for a while and I think you will pick up a decidedly different accent than our normal Texan drawl! We are so impressed with the knowledge, skill, efficiency and friendliness of the Katahdin company, so feel free to ask questions and see that other cabin they built!

The final stop? Party “headquarters” and the remaining log home on the Reserve hayride tour! There one can tour the home, canoe one of the lakes, bring fishing equipment to do catch and release fishing, and listen to the Immediate Blues Band! They are back by popular demand and play all kinds of fun music for all to hear.

The hubby has another talent other than finishing log cabins–he’s a pretty good amateur chef and grill master, so he’s providing dinner for all participants during the Immediate Blues Band’s break and of course, it’s Texas BBQ with all the fixins’!

The Immediate Blues Band will play some more and then we’ll have fireworks over the lake after sunset to end the celebration! We guesstimate that the fireworks will be done at 9:30 pm.

Is there a cost? Yes, only so we can plan for your arrival properly. It costs $ 10 per person, which includes your dinner and entry into the restricted Reserve property. Kids under 13 years old are free. If you wait to pay at the gate, it will cost you $ 15, so I highly recommend paying in advance prior to 3/20/18 (That’s coming up fast, gang!).

How? Mail your payment payable to: Hunt/Ricketts The Reserve at PO Box 152, Montalba, TX 75853, along with the names of all of your attendees and your mailing address. Your Spring Fling hosts will mail you your entry credentials once they receive your payment and this information.

If planning to stay overnight in the Palestine area, please book early–since the Festival will be going on, rooms may book up early. If you mention the Reserve at Montalba, you will get a discounted rate at the Holiday Inn Express (903.723.4884) or the La Quinta (903.723.1387).

So, bring your lawn chairs, a light jacket, a cooler with your favorite drinks and fishing gear and join us at the Reserve. Y’all come!

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  1. March 15th, 2018 | Ann Smith says:

    Sounds like such a good time – wish we could come! I was delighted to see your finished cabin and read more about your journey. Please keep writing!

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